NP (SL): A Source of Inspiration & a Reservoir of Effective Business Initiatives

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Ltd stands out as one of the most reliable sources of inspiration for indigenes with big dreams of establishing business entities that could grow exponentially. Unlike some other business entities operating in the country, NP (SL) Ltd provides numerous valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a roadmap to navigate the business landscape and turn dreams into tangible realities.

Founded decades ago by thirty-five former employees of the British Petroleum Company, NP (SL) Ltd was established after these employees bought shares from the Government of Sierra Leone. Today, it is a privately owned indigenous business entity, free from Government intervention.

One key factor behind the company’s meteoric rise is the selflessness of its shareholders. Dedicated to propelling their “baby” to greater heights, these ambitious Sierra Leoneans have implemented fine business initiatives leading to fruitful dividends. Their approach involves working with a collective sense of purpose, eschewing deceit, greed and embracing a spirit of give-and-take.

Another lesson from NP (SL) Ltd is the emphasis on enhancing customer care to provide optimum satisfaction. By prioritizing customer interests, the shareholders and Management teams have successfully broadened their customer base. This commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their use of modern calibrated pumping machines, ensuring transparency and trust in fuel transactions.

Innovative initiatives and technology play a crucial role in the company’s operations. The introduction of the NP Smart Card allows customers to purchase fuel conveniently, without the hassle of frequent bank visits. This card, which can be credited with a certain amount of money, debits the amount utilized during transactions, helping customers budget their fuel purchases.

Recently, NP (SL) Ltd launched state-of-the-art mobile fuel tanks designed to streamline refueling operations. These advanced tanks, each with a 10,000-liter capacity, are housed in containers with sophisticated safety and dispensing technology. They feature mobile refueling capability, advanced safety systems, and real-time monitoring, enhancing efficiency and safety.

The company has also introduced the Access and Energy Pass Card to promote a cashless economy. This smart card, offering both online and offline usability, provides high-security features and instant SMS notifications after transactions. Customers can recharge their cards at designated stations, reverse transactions if needed, and receive real-time transaction updates.

NP Gas, another product from the company, has gained popularity in the market. This cooker, available in different cylinder sizes, is environmentally friendly with less gaseous emissions, posing fewer health risks. It can be secured at leading Filling Stations and authorized dealers.

A significant business initiative mastered by NP (SL) Ltd is the promotion of the country’s Local Content Policy. The company prioritizes employing qualified Sierra Leoneans instead of expatriates, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation among employees. This approach is cost-effective, retaining salaries and benefits within the country and giving the company a nationalistic flavor.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is another area where NP (SL) Ltd excels. By giving back to society, the company gains respectability and integrity. Assisting residents in communities where the business operates enhances the company’s reputation and community relations.

In a nutshell, NP (SL) Ltd offers invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. From selflessness and customer care to innovative technology and local content promotion, the company exemplifies good business practices.

Indeed, NP (SL) Ltd is a source of inspiration and a reservoir of effective business initiatives for those looking to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.


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