NP (SL) Avails Qualitative Petroleum Products, Accessible to Many across the Country

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP-SL Ltd continues to be at the helm of petroleum marketing in the country in the midst of other petroleum marketing companies merely as a result of the implementation of sound business initiatives.

It must be noted that at this material time , except otherwise, human existence would have been seriously affected if it was not possible for individuals to gain easy access to petroleum products with particular reference to petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas as well as lubricants of varying types.

There is no gainsaying that petroleum products are needed to power vehicles, generators, different sorts of machines, power thermal plants and used for domestic consumption.

Significantly, NP(SL)Ltd has regularly ensured that   qualitative petroleum products are always imported into the country and marketed by dealers owning Filling Stations across all the regions. The company on most occasions ensures the importation of considerably quantity of petroleum products with the objective that they will last for a considerable and reasonable period of time.

For NP (SL) Ltd, shortage of petroleum products must be averted at all cost especially when cognizance is taken of the fact that fuel could be unscrupulously used  as a political commodity that will have the propensity of  making or breaking any Political machinery or Government contingent on their availability or not. When  prices of petroleum products escalate the blame is squarely placed on the shoulders of the Government on the basis of incompetence and the ability to timely make them available will see praises heaped on the same Government on the grounds of pragmatic effectiveness.

However, the critical position of the company in preventing political unrest cannot in anyway be trivialized  and  for NP(SL)Ltd it has commendably maintained a politically neutralist and non-aligned stance to such an extent that it could totally fallacious for anyone to consider that at any given time the company has engaged in any form of subversive activity by creating artificial scarcity.

With regards treatment of its esteemed customers throughout the length and breadth of the country, there is no other petroleum marketing entity that could match the zest and commitment of NP-SL in treating them with respect and dignity always creating the feeling that it is giving value in return for money.

The name NP is synonymous with “1st for Customer Care”. To the Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management all their customers, rich or poor, are equally considered important and therefore should be treated with the utmost respect and attention they deserve.

Management of the company is indeed very mindful of the fact that the very survival of the company hinges on good rapport with their customers which therefore behooves that customers’ concerns, inputs; requests and complaints should be seriously taken into consideration when vital or sensitive decisions are mapped out that always culminates into win-win situations. Optimizing customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance for the company.

Introducing the use of NP Smart Card and making available NP Gas has been highly commendable on the part of the company. Making use of innovative technology in the form of NP Smart Card, the company has made it possible in availing its customers a convenient way of procuring or purchasing petroleum products without using physical cash for transaction.

By merely having an NP Smart Card, containing varying amounts of money, a particular customer can easily access the quantity of fuel he or she wants at various Filling Stations; it is a cashless way of conducting business transactions.

Indeed, it has been proven that for convenience sake and security, it is quite a safer way of transacting businesses thereby helps some individuals from the intermittent withdrawal of money from banks for the purpose of purchasing petroleum products. Quite commendably, NP Smart Card is now trending and users are highly appreciative of the company’s move in making it available for use.

When we talk of utilizing a device that is quick, clean and less hazardous for cooking purposes then NP Gas immediately comes to mind. NP Gas is designed in different cylinder sizes and it has been confirmed that they have high or quick qualitative performance ability and could be secured at some NP Filling Stations across the country at affordable prices.

As long as owners adhere to directives as to how to optimally utilize NP Gas, they could last for quite a considerable period of time and above all they are so designed in ways that make them safe for use.

Without any gainsaying, NP-SL is undoubtedly one of the largest taxpayers to the Government of Sierra Leone. Its contributions in the form of payments of taxes had helped and continue to bolster the revenue base of Government.

The company is on record of prioritizing employment opportunities for primarily Sierra Leoneans as opposed to foreigners. It is doing so by consciously enhancing and deepening the Local Content Policy. Many have lauded this initiative saying it has helped greatly in making some Sierra Leoneans to be gainfully employed.

It can therefore be vehemently argued that NP(SL) Ltd is an indigenous marketing company that is exceptionally doing extremely well in the area of making available  petroleum products that it professionally markets via various Filling Stations across the country and doing so qualitatively gives utmost satisfaction to its numerous customers throughout the nation.


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