NP (SL) Delivers on its Promise as it Unveils New Aberdeen Road Fuel Station


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Ltd, is an indigenous petroleum importing and marketing company that was established by thirty-five Sierra Leoneans years back and since then has demonstrated resilience and strategic prowess in the provision of high-grade petroleum products across the country. One outstanding attribute that the company possesses is its unwavering focus on enhancing and optimizing Customer Care, a feat that it has marshaled well to an extent of earning the coveted accolade of 1st for Customer Care.

A key component of NP’s modus operandi is its commitment to enhancing partnerships with reputable individuals to establish Fuel or Filling Stations in various parts of the country. This commitment, Management of the company has executed well over the years to the utmost satisfaction of the investors and customers of it products.

It must be underscored that the underlying reason why that commitment was mainstreamed in NP’s activities is to ensure the seamless flow and accessibility by the vast majority to its quality products that it markets as well as to also ensure that scarcity or shortages do not easily occur that will lead to unpleasant situations. It goes without saying that the advantages that have accrued to residents in hard to reach areas where Fuel or Filling Stations were eventually established, ranging from job creation, reducing the time and cost of accessing petroleum products cannot be over emphasized.

It is against such a backdrop that the recent commissioning of a state of art Fuel or Filling Station on Aberdeen Road fondly known as NP Aberdeen Road Fuel Station materialized. Representing a new architectural face and adding to the aesthetic allure of the city, the station marks NP’s continuous dominance in the petroleum marketing landscape of Sierra Leone and the West African sub-region.

Expanding its brand and market share across Sierra Leone, NP-SL’s collaboration with the Proprietor of the state of art NP Aberdeen Road Fuel Station, Alpha Sowe, exemplifies such a strategy, ensuring the widespread availability of quality petroleum products to the public.

The Chief Executive Officer of NP (SL) Ltd,, Ambassador Kobi Walker, during the commissioning event, expressed his delight at the partnership with Alpha Sowe further highlighting the positive impact of the investment. He pointed out how the new station, under Alpha Sowe’s Proprietorship, has already created employment opportunities for twenty individuals, with indirect benefits extending to over a hundred people.   Ambassador Kobi Walker emphasized the empowerment potential of business partnerships for ambitious individuals, contributing not only to personal success but also to national development.

On his part, the General Manager of NP-SL, Saidu Mansaray reiterated that the station’s commissioning reflects the company’s strategic partnerships and hinted at future developments in the fuel business. He underscored the importance of customer experience in spreading the benefits of NP’s products.

The Proprietor, Hassan Sowe, expressed gratitude for NP-SL’s partnership, encouraging others to explore the opportunities available at the new Fuel Station.

It is no gainsaying that NP (SL) Ltd has strategically expanded its presence in Sierra Leone and neighboring countries such as Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia.

The company’s mission, centered on maintaining a leadership position in the local market and operating at the sub-regional level, emphasizes environmentally friendly practices and superior value for customers, employees and stakeholders

Cognizance must be taken that with gas as one its marketable products it was thought wise to be producing gas cookers, popularly known as NP Gas, which could be access at their different Filling Stations including this latest  NP Aberdeen Road Fuel Station  . According to investigation conducted NP Gas is cooking-friendly, safe and long lasting. It is going at an affordable price and many are going for it.

The company, in line with matching with technology, introduced the use of a Smart Card widely known as NP Smart Card which is a Card with memory chip embedded that can be credited with money and debited when it is used during the purchase of fuel. The holder only slots the loaded card into the space on the pumping machine after commanding the amount of fuel to be pumped and the exact amount is discharged with the card ready for another recharge to be used for the next purchase. It has been acknowledged that it is a safe, cashless way of conducting transactions assuring greater security and budgetary adjustments.

When reference is made to the effective implementation of the Local Content Policy, then NP-SL Ltd stands tall within that realm as nearly all its members of staff are Sierra Leoneans thereby making use of local talents everywhere they are operating. The Local Content Policy is indeed an engine of growth and NP is making full use of it.

NP (SL) Ltd’s growth aligns with its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, complementing Government development efforts through impactful Corporate Social Responsibility. It consolidates its position as a dominant force in the petroleum marketing landscape.

SOURCEBy Amin Kef-Ranger
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