NP-SL Hands Over Newly Refurbished Squash Court to FBC

By Foday Moriba Conteh

As part of their commitment in the rolling out impactful gestures under the portfolio of its Corporate Social Responsibility, NP(SL)Ltd, has on Thursday 12th May, 2023 handed over newly refurbished Squash Facilities to Fourah Bay College Administration mainly geared towards promoting healthy competition amongst students and develop their minds not only in the pursuit of academic excellence but also to fairly compete in the game of squash.

The handing over ceremony was done at the Squash Court Havelock Grounds on Fourah Bay College Campus.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Managing Director of NP-Sierra Leone, Saidu Mansaray, said the handing over of the Squash Court to Fourah Bay College is part of their support towards the promotion of education, health and sport especially the game of Squash in the country, adding that over the past 10 years the company has endeavored to support education, health and sports through the building of schools and construction of squash court in schools.

He stated that the idea of building these Squash Courts in various educational institutions is geared towards proving students and non-students within these communities an alternative to other sport such as football and basketball.

The Managing Director maintained that as a company they are with the strong conviction that combining sport with education can help students to develop self-motivation that will enable them to do things on their own while encouraging unity, diversity and harmony.

He said that the refurbishment and handing over of the facility to Fourah Bay College is to enhance attitudinal change and promote healthy competitions in the game of Squash.

Saidu Mansaray emphasized that sport remains the healthiest social means of recreation and entertainment that youths can continue to explore and experiment amidst transitional challenges to adulthood, adding that inasmuch as education, arts and sport are always at the top in terms of youth development he urged them take advantage of the opportunity in order to develop their minds with education as they continue to engage each other in peace love and unity.

He informed the gathering that NP Sierra Leone on Thursday 27th April, 2023 concluded a one day Inter Secondary School Squash Tournament after which winners were awarded prizes ranging from medals, trophies and scholarships, furthering that next year the tournament will be organized in schools and colleges nationwide.

He stated that NP Sierra Leone’s Corporate Social Responsibility has always been about creating the positive impacts on the lives of Sierra Leoneans in respective of age, gender, religious affiliation etc.

He concluded by calling on them to play their part in the upkeep of the facility.

On his part, the Vice Chancellor of Fourah Bay College, Prof. Foday Kelleh Mansaray, expressed appreciation to NP Sierra Leone for the handing over of the newly refurbished Squash Court to his administration.

He said that the college has been making strides towards improving the quality of lives of students and these have been made possible through the support the college has been receiving from its stakeholders and partners including NP-SL.

Prof. Foday Kelleh Mansaray described the facility as a huge asset which the college will use in years to come of which he assured NP-SL that they will make good use of the facility for its intended purpose.

He said that Squash is the world healthiest sport as it gives impressive cardio respiratory workout and urged students, community residents, and staff to play squash and make themselves healthier.

The Vice Chancellor used the opportunity to inform all that apart from the refurbishment of the Squash Court, NP Sierra Leone has promised to establish a fuel station and minimart on the Fourah Bay College campus.

Climaxing the ceremony was the official handing over of the newly refurbished squash court by the Managing Director of NP-Sierra Leone, Saidu Mansaray.


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