NP (SL) is Relentless in its Focus on Customer Satisfaction

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In the ever-evolving landscape of petroleum marketing, NP (SL) Ltd stands out as a beacon of excellence and resilience. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality service delivery, the company continues to set new standards even amidst challenging circumstances.

Originally founded by 35 former employees of British Petroleum who pooled their end-of-service benefits, NP-SL Ltd has blossomed into a leading oil marketing company in Sierra Leone. This journey from a humble beginning to industry prominence speaks volumes about the dedication and vision of its shareholders.

At the heart of NP’s success is its relentless focus on customer satisfaction. The company’s ethos of “1st for customer care” isn’t just lip service  it’s ingrained in every aspect of its operations. From transparent fuel dispensing machines to the introduction of the NP Smart Card for cashless transactions, NP-SL Ltd consistently seeks innovative ways to enhance the customer experience.

Moreover, NP-SL Ltd remains steadfast in its commitment to local talent and resources, aligning with the Local Content Policy. By prioritizing the employment of Sierra Leonean nationals and sourcing materials locally, the company not only fosters economic empowerment but also contributes to poverty reduction and skills development.

Beyond petroleum marketing, NP-SL Ltd actively engages in discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, supporting various community development projects and complementing Government’s efforts to improve living standards.

The recent inauguration of a new NP-SL Filling Station in Bunumbu Town, Peje West Chiefdom, further underscores the company’s dedication to expanding its operations and serving local communities. According to Ambassador Kobi Walker, CEO of NP Sierra Leone Limited, the company’s commitment to addressing fuel scarcity in the region and fostering economic growth is unwavering.

NP-SL Ltd is also marketing a cooking device widely known as NP Gas which has gained popularity for its efficiency and eco-friendliness. So far customers have expressed satisfaction with the performance of NP Gas, which comes in various sizes and are available at affordable prices through the company’s Filling Stations. Businesswoman, Memunatu Forna, has so far attested to the high performance of NP Gas and its ease of use as well as ready availability of gas for refills.

Another of the company’s innovative way of marketing fuel is the introduction of NP Smart Card, a technology that has now become a trendsetter in convenient purchasing of fuel. Users highlighted its usefulness in streamlining transactions, eliminating the need for cash payments. It is an innovation that has notably eased the process of buying fuel, with engineer Musa Kalokoh praising its effectiveness.

As NP-SL Ltd continues to grow and innovate, it remains a shining example of indigenous entrepreneurship and a driving force for progress in Sierra Leone and beyond. With its unwavering focus on customer care, adherence to local content policies, and commitment to community development, NP-SL Ltd is poised to continue blazing a trail in the petroleum marketing industry for years to come.


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