NP-SL is Renowned for Marketing Quality Products & Enhancing Development

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP-SL is a renowned petroleum marketing company that always treats its esteemed numerous customers with professionalism and respect. Today, the company is a household name whose products and service delivery initiatives continue to positively impact lives in varying ways.

Well-meaning entrepreneurs continue to partner with NP-SL Ltd to open Filling Stations in different locations in-country even in hard to reach areas. Its Filling Stations are strategically located in order to avail the vast majority the opportunity to easily access them in order to conduct meaningful business transactions.

The caring nature of the company for its customers is vividly evident in the pieces of advice it continues to give out to its customers and even taxi, Kekeh and okada passengers wishing them safety whenever they are using the roads.

Against such a backdrop, it should not be any surprise that the company is the proud recipient of the accolade of 1st for Customer Care. This is no mean decoration but instead a true manifestation of the high level of appreciation that people continue to show for the qualitative products and services that the company markets to the general public.

Today, it is now non-existent for individuals to complain that when they are in the process of procuring petroleum products, pump attendants cheat them in terms of not getting their money’s worth.

The simple reason is because the Shareholders and Management of the company were indeed very business savvy to procure modern calibrated pumping machines which were installed at their various selling points and are very capable of churning out the exact quantity of what is demanded and the price to be paid.

During a random countrywide survey conducted over a period of time targeting a large percentage of customers of the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), with the avowed objective of sounding their views on the operations of the company in the country, the responses were positive.

When quizzed on how they view the way the company treats its numerous customers across the country, most of the respondents warmly reacted by stating that the Shareholders and Management of  the company are doing extremely well in the direction of effective service delivery and giving utmost satisfaction to customers.

Mohamed Bai Sesay, a renowned Social Commentator, maintained that when it comes to customer care, NP-SL Ltd is second to none within the business landscape of this country.

“From what I so far learnt in order to conduct sales in a very transparent manner and to give customers their money’s worth, the Shareholders of the company decided to procure and install modern calibrated pumping machines at their various Filling Stations that are capable to pump the exact quantity of fuel, at the same time display the price and quantity,” he pointed out, adding that to even think that the pump attendants are cheating customers could only be a mere figment of one’s imagination, as anything like that is farfetched.

A Development Specialist of long standing intimated that for the country’s economy to grow sustainably it is but important to deepen local content further arguing that it is only when we make meaningful use of both our human and natural resources that development could transpire.

“Instead of depending on the importation of certain consumable items and foreign expatriates, it is but very significant and cost effective to make use of what we have at hand to produce goods and services,” Abdulai Braima, an Economist averred, also stating that for NP-SL Ltd to make it a laid down policy and put into practice to offer employment exclusively to Sierra Leoneans is indeed laudable and no mean feat.

He further underscored that by offering jobs to Sierra Leoneans is a way of empowering the citizenry to take care of daily responsibilities and live improved standards of living.

“I really doff my hat to the Shareholders of the company for actualizing such a high sense of patriotism,” he expressed admiration.

A vast majority of those interviewed revealed that they are using NP Gas for cooking purpose, maintaining that it is very efficient and environmentally friendly. The NP Gas that they referred to is a cooking device which is manufactured in different cylinder sizes and sold at affordable prices at the company’s Filling Stations.

With regards the use of NP Smart Card, it is one that is now in vogue. Some personalities who are using it said they find it very useful and a convenient way of purchasing petroleum products. They added that they always ensure their NP Smart Cards are credited to be used to purchase fuel, be it petrol or diesel.

“Sometimes I don’t have to go through the hassle of going to the Bank on a busy Friday afternoon to withdraw cash just for the purpose of purchasing fuel that will last throughout the weekend. I do procure petrol by using my Smart Card and it is working perfectly well,” Musa Kalokoh, an Engineer told one of our reporters.

From all the positive responses, it is now clear why NP-SL Ltd is held in high esteem and continues to be endearing to many.


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