NP-SL Ltd is Unswerving in the Importation & Marketing of Petroleum Products

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd).

By Amin Kef Sesay

Sierra Leone is presently not yet among oil producing nations although it has been ascertained that the country has huge deposits of crude oil if when it should have been exploited properly will give a big boost to the country’s economy. We have to depend on the importation of refined oil, since the refinery that we once had in the East End of Freetown, was completely vandalized during our senseless rebel war. However, Sierra Leoneans continue to utilize imported petroleum products, such as petrol, diesel, gas and kerosene alongside lubricants, one of which is Castrol Oil simply because of the resilience and commitment of the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), which has been rated as the leading oil marketing company in this country.

For those who may not be in the knowing, NP-SL Ltd is a 100% indigenous petroleum marketing company that is completely owned by private Sierra Leoneans who have shares in it. It is devoid of any share held by the Government or any politician as some may suggest because it carries the name “Sierra Leone” which only depicts a branch as there are other branches of the company in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia.

It could be nonsensical to downplay the significance of petroleum products to human existence. These products play pivotal roles to the smooth running of human activities both privately and publicly as they are sources around which our very survival as humans revolves. Vehicles, thermal plants, generators, cooking devices among a host of others are powered by petroleum products. Lubricants make it possible for the good performance of vehicles and a host of other machineries.

Against this backdrop, the timely availability of petroleum products and the easy accessibility to them are very important. If it goes the contrary then obviously there is definitely bound to be dislocations that could lead to a total standstill of entire the State.

Without any gainsaying, the NP-SL Ltd has been widely commended for always being on top of situation as the company has committedly and steadfastly engaged in the constructive importation and marketing of petroleum products. It ensures that proper arrangements are made well ahead of time to have stocks that will last over time.

The selflessness on the part of the company’s Shareholders and prudent management, over the years, had indeed been paying huge dividends. As a result of the infusing of fine entrepreneurial initiatives, keeping pace with modern trends the small business entity was catapulted to occupy an enviable position within the petroleum landscape of the country as it continues to deliver qualitative services of varied types to its numerous customers around the country.

One of the modern trends, implemented so well, that has enhanced the profile of the company is taking advantage of making use of automated calibrated pumping machines that were installed at all the company’s Filling Stations. These state of the art machines have been certified by established regulators in line with best practice and are capable of pumping the exact quantity of fuel, petrol or diesel, that customers purchase and at the same time displaying the prices. With these calibrated pumping machines, gone are the days when customers openly and grudgingly grumbled that they have been cheated via shortfalls. Obviously, with their installation, most customers now see the company as one that is very transparent.

Another trend that the company embraced relates to the introduction of a cashless way of transacting businesses at its Filling Stations. NP Smart Card is now in vogue and it avails customers the opportunity to purchase fuel without paying physical money to the attendants. As long as a particular customer has a credited loaded NP Smart Card he or she can just breeze into any NP Filling Station and divulge the amount of petrol or diesel that he or she wants. The quantity is pumped and the balance remains which could be used for the next purchase. The Smart card makes it possible for a particular customer to properly budget for the purpose of purchasing fuel and indeed such is very advantageous especially when he or she needs fuel during the weekend when banks are closed.

NP Gas is now a household name. A gas cooker which has been rated as one that performs very well for various cooking purposes. There are various sizes that may suit a particular customer’s need and it is easy to refill as the gas could also be purchased at any NP Filling Station. Environmentalists have validated it to be less hazardous to human health and fit for purpose. Many are now purchasing it and from what was learnt users are highly satisfied with its performance and durability.

If the company is frequently nominated for awards in the category of best indigenous company in the country then one main reason could be the premium placed by the company on the implementation of the country’s Local Content Policy. This is a company that has made it a laid down policy to give preference to Sierra Leoneans when it comes to employment. As long as there are trained and qualified Sierra Leoneans who can perform certain tasks then they must be employed. This adherence to the policy has helped in the reduction of poverty in this country especially when cognizance is taken of how the company has expanded its operations in the country. Many lives have been positively impacted.

With regards to the rolling out of its Corporate Social Responsibility, NP-SL Ltd has received a lot of thumps up. The company recently parted with One Billion Leones which it donated to the Government of Sierra Leone to fight COVID-19. Besides, the company has been supporting various worthy causes all with the aim of improving the conditions of certain institutions and individuals.

As a company that was destined to grow and based on the foresight of its Shareholders and Management, NP-SL Ltd expanded its operations to neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia. In all these countries the company is operating along the same lines as it is doing in this country. They are performing excellently in terms of quality service delivery, which is why the company has bagged the title of 1st for Customer Care. Besides, all these branches are paying huge taxes to the host Governments which are used to fund different development projects.

From what have been said so far, it could be seen that due to the steadfastness of the Shareholders and Management the company continues to assuage the petroleum needs of members of the public in a dependable and reliable manner. It is indeed a company that is here to churn out qualitative services to the utmost satisfaction of many all it is said NP-SL is doing commendably.


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