NP (SL) Ltd Offers Vital Lessons for any Successful Indigenous Business Venture 

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a very positive way, NP (SL) Ltd sheds a ray of hope for individuals who are contemplating and really on the verge of establishing business enterprises. The reputable importing and marketing petroleum business entity speaks volumes of how any ambitious group of Sierra Leoneans, with good initiatives and set objectives, could make major achievements when they come together and invest solidly.

Today, NP-SL is the leading petroleum marketing company in the West African sub-region simply because 35 Sierra Leonean nationals were determined, committed and shrewd enough to plough their end of service benefits into the setting up of the company.

Such a positive move or venture, if carefully emulated by forward-looking and ambitious individuals who are desirous of establishing successful enterprises could lead to the realization of fruitful dividends and deepen could best be driven by the private sector.

Though NP-SL Ltd is an indigenously owned company, however, its shareholders and Management are not afraid to take risks by venturing into various parts of the country. NP-SL Ltd believes in breaking new grounds and this has been the driving force behind its expansionist drive.

By taking risks new experiences are learnt as to how certain things better which in turn helps greatly in ensuring that effectiveness in service delivery is highly enhanced.

To make the purchase of fuel very simple NP-SL Ltd introduced the NP Smart Card, which enables organizations and individuals to purchase fuel at ease without using physical cash. By introducing this latest technology, it avails its customers the convenience of conducting smooth transactions at Filling Stations as long there is credit in the NP Smart Cards.

Making use of latest technological discoveries to enhance business transactions is now in vogue and for business entities that are nascent it is advisable , where possible, to make use of latest innovations to ensure growth.

If there is any company that strictly adheres to the Local Content Policy that entity is indisputably NP-SL. The Management always ensures, as a matter of policy, to give employment to only Sierra Leonean nationals. It is the same in all the other countries where the company operates.

Adherence to Local Content helps to reduce cost, instill a sense of ownership and improves competencies. Such could be well harnessed for the successful growth and expansion of any business entity.

Still within the realm of local content, the company manufactures a cooking device known as NP Gas which comes in different sizes. It has been proven to be a very good device which can be refilled with gas that could be secured at any NP Filling Station.

It has been established that using charcoal and wood for cooking purposes poses health hazards and depletion of our forests. Against such a backdrop many have commended the company for making it possible to get access to NP gas cookers, which are indeed safe and friendly for domestic use. Gas is as well available at the company’s filling stations which individuals can purchase at affordable prices.

Individuals eager to establish thriving business entities could really draw inspiration from NP-SL and if concrete efforts are made to translate them to the letter then dreams could crystallize to tangible realities on the ground.


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