NP-SL Salvages the Fuel Needs of Residents of Kossoh Town 

By Alpha Sesay (Amb. Penpusher)

NP Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL), in a landmark event that heralds a new era of development, proudly unveiled a state-of-the-art fuel station within the Kossoh Town Community. The commissioning ceremony, held on April 9th, 2024, was met with an outpouring of gratitude and relief from local stakeholders, who welcomed the initiative as a long-awaited source of hope.

The inauguration of the new NP fuel station marks a watershed moment for residents who have endured the hardships of traveling great distances to meet their fuel needs. Amidst cheers and applause, community leaders and stakeholders voiced their heartfelt appreciation for its establishment.

Abubakarr Farma, Headman of the Kossoh Community, expressed profound thanks to the Management of NP-SL, emphasizing that the station’s commissioning signifies more than mere access to fuel—it represents dignity and convenience for the community.

Cynthia Thorpe, Chairlady of Middle Town Community, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the station’s potential to spur local business opportunities and foster community development.

Major Ahmed S. Bangura, Artillery Commander of the Armed Forces Training Centre, Benguema Barracks, lauded NP’s initiative and emphasized the station’s significance for the Kossoh Community and neighboring areas, as well as its implications for national security.

In his address to attendees, Hon. Kemokoh Conteh, the Member of Parliament for Western Area Rural District, underscored the importance of collaborative endeavors maintaining how such drives inclusive development and urged local support and patronage for the station.

Ambassador Kobi Walker, the Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL expressed gratitude to residents of the community for their cooperation and highlighted the station’s role in transitioning towards cleaner energy sources in the region. He commended the, Proprietor, Philip Anderson’s determination for investing in the project, recognizing its potential to address fuel accessibility challenges.

The General Manager of NP-SL, Saidu Mansaray, extended thanks to the Kossoh Community and encouraged continued cooperation with the station, emphasizing its national significance.

On his part, the Proprietor, Philip Anderson expressed gratitude to the Management of NP-SL for their unwavering support, acknowledging the transformative impact the company has had on his life. He pledged professionalism in serving the community and urged continued support from residents.

Notably, the fuel station in a unique way has other additional amenities which include a pharmacy and restaurant, further enhancing its utility for the community.

As the ribbon was ceremoniously cut and the station opened its doors, an atmosphere of jubilation and renewed optimism engulfed the surroundings. For the residents of Kossoh Community, the inauguration serves as more than just a practical convenience—it stands as a symbolic triumph, showcasing the transformative potential of collective action and community resilience in shaping a brighter future.


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