NP-SL Translates Institutional Mission into Reality


By Amin Kef Sesay

The National Petroleum- Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is a 100% indigenous company that mainly focuses on the importation and supply of petroleum products and it has been doing so efficiently over the years to such an extent that it has won the minds of many as evident in the daily widening of its customer base.

The company’s Mission is to maintain their dominant leadership position in the country’s local market and strive to operate at sub-regional level by assuring the supply of petroleum products in an environmentally friendly manner while offering superior value for their customers, employees and other stakeholders based on a proud corporate culture with emphasis on safety consciousness, profit optimization, corporate expansion thereby contributing to development.

Since it started operations, the company, through competent managerial steering and selflessness on the part of its shareholders, has been successfully able to crystallize what it originally planned to offer and achieve. Nobody can challenge the indisputable fact that indeed the company is the dominant oil marketing company in the country although it has no monopoly over the sale of petroleum products as there are other companies doing likewise.

However, because the company places priority on optimizing customer care with time it became so endearing to many who are now its most cherished customers. As far as the shareholders and managers of the result-oriented company are concerned their customers come first and everything must be done to ensure that their petroleum needs are met and satisfied. In that regard, the company always strives towards timely securing or procuring of petroleum products which it markets, thereby, minimizing the very occurrence of any form of shortage.

Added to that, the company prudently secured state of the art calibrated pumping machines which were installed at its attractive Filling Stations capable of pumping the exact quantity of petrol or diesel bought by customers. Most that this medium contacted intimated that they always feel satisfied when they purchase fuel at NP Filling Stations because they are confident that they are deriving value for money.

To again prove that they do care for their customers, the shareholders and managers ensured that mini marts should be functional at their Filling Stations from where customers could purchase basic household commodities. These mini marts, some which are still functional, saves customers the precious time of having to go all the way to the central business district, for example in Freetown, to procure basic items as they could easily get them close to their communities.

Still with the objective of making their customers very comfortable, NP-SL introduced two new innovations that have now become useful to many. There is NP Gas and NP Smart Card. NP Gas is a form of cooker that uses gas to power it. Manufactured in different sizes they can be easily refilled and are being sold at reasonable prices. They have been proven to be environmentally friendly and easy to handle.

With regards the NP Smart Card it can be used to purchase fuel without using physical cash. Its biggest advantage is that it prevents individuals to rush to the bank in order to be financially solvent to purchase petroleum products. Sometimes the banks may have closed down to members of the public and if an individual wants to purchase fuel but has no money in his possession such will be a big embarrassment especially on a Friday. It is against such a backdrop that the NP Smart Card comes in very handy and besides it can help promote transparency because whenever fuel is purchased and pumped it is debited from the Smart Card and when the card is loaded it is credited.

Living up to its dream as encapsulated in its mission, NP-SL Ltd has really proven that it is indeed very credible. Commendably, the parent company in Sierra Leone, opened branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia and all of them are doing extremely well. They have provided job opportunities; continue to beef up the revenue bases of Governments in those countries and above all complement development interventions through the effective rolling out of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Indeed, it has been established that the petroleum products imported by NP-SL are of high quality and very good for engines. It must be noted that there are certain individuals who are in the habit of purchasing high grade fuel from NP and clandestinely mix it with another substance, sell it on the black market. The idea is to increase the quantity in order to maximize more profits. NP only sells high grade fuel and therefore it is important for people to realize the difference.

Frankly enough, NP Sierra Leone Limited has truly proven that it is a dedicated and competent company that is contributing immensely towards overall national development.


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