NP-SL: Very Pro-Active in Enhancing Importation of Petroleum Products


By Amin Kef Sesay

The Shareholders and Management of the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd) are always working in synergy to ensure that importation of petroleum products are timely done with the avowed aim of preventing the occurrence of any form of scarcity. What this medium learnt about what really obtains within the company is that both shareholders and Management do not complacently bask on their successes to make them rest on their oars but rather see those successes as motivational forces to do more in terms of implementation of sound policies that would trigger positive transformations on various fronts geared towards giving its esteemed customers the best in terms of petroleum products.

As a matter of fact it is indisputable that the company has etched its name in the sands of time for being at the forefront for optimizing customer care which is why it has earned the accolade: 1st for Customer Care. For the company, the satisfaction of its customers is considered very paramount as it is conscious that without satisfying their customers then growth will automatically become stunted.

This all-hands-on deck stance and pro-activeness always demonstrated, in ensuring timely importation of petroleum products and using exemplary marketing strategies come with varying merits. Considering the fact that petrol and diesel are deemed to be political commodities any form of scarcity whatsoever has the tendency to create widespread instability.  The point that is being hammered home here is that whenever there is scarcity of those products transportation fares shoot up and every segment of society is affected. Workers, traders, school going children, farmers are all affected leading to dissatisfaction and when there is discontent people resort to violent means of demonstrating it. Going further, it makes the political system very unpopular and could ultimately lead to regime change.

Against this backdrop, it could be safely asserted that NP-SL is extremely doing well within the realm of enhancing national stability. However, at this juncture it must be registered that this medium is not trying to say the company has the absolute wherewithal to prevent any form of scarcity as sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that could lead to scarcity. Sierra Leone is not a petroleum producing country. Sometimes oil producing countries do encounter problems which affect their production chain. Whenever such occurs, countries that purchase petroleum products are also affected.

Despite such anomalies, the fact still remains that NP-SL needs commendation for the strides it is taking to make petroleum products available on the market which is a clear manifestation that the company is really on top of situation.

As a caring parent who loves to see his or her children get the best in life so is NP- Ltd, which, besides limiting itself only to selling petroleum products, is also availing its customers other services just to make life comfortable for them. It is along such a line that one could find mini-marts, entertainment corners in some of its Filling Stations, where customers could purchase basic items, avoiding the hassle of leaving other engagements to procure those goods.

NP Gas is exclusively marketed by the company and its authorized agents in different parts of the country and they are manufactured in different cylinder sizes sold at affordable prices. Because of it being environmentally friendly, less hazardous and very quick in terms of performance, NP Gas is going like hot cakes, especially as they are sold at affordable prices.

NP Smart Card is now gaining ascendancy and currency among its numerous customers across the country and has been rated as advantageous in terms of personal safety and transparency. It is good for big business entities, like construction companies, with fleets of vehicles as the Smart Cards that the drivers use to access fuel supply can transparently prove what was expended and what is now left as balance in their stock.

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio is indeed very rich and it has been meaningfully rolled out over the years and they are really complementing Government’s development interventions.

This medium will only enjoin the Shareholders and Management of NP-SL to maintain this pro-activeness because it is highly contributing to the socio-economic development of the country and by extension improving the standard of living of majority of Sierra Leoneans. NP-SL keep the fire blazing as the cloud could be your limit.



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