Zion Praise Tabernacle Prays for Sierra Leone & China

General Overseer of Zion Praise Tabernacle church, Pastor James Bangura

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Zion Praise Tabernacle situated at Hill Station in Freetown is concluding the observation of a 21 Days revival of Fasting and Prayer which started on the 1st February and will end today the 21st February 2020. The theme for the Revival is: “Divine Intervention”, a program designed and geared towards experiencing moments of transformation, empowerment and salvation for the sick, oppressed, possessed as well as to encounter the power of God.

On the 18th February 2020, the General Overseer of the church, Pastor James Bangura, called on the Almighty God, through fervent prayers, to have mercy on students studying in the People’s Republic of China, other Sierra Leoneans residing in that country, the Chinese nation as well as Sierra Leone, religiously beseeching Him to protect all from contracting the deadly coronavirus which has claimed precious lives in China and said to be slowly spreading to other countries.

Pastor James Bangura, on that memorable day, entreated God for His divine protection, powerfully interceded and called on other members of the congregation to do likewise.

During his intercession, he pointed out that regardless of the various strides being made to medically combat the deadly virus there is the need to call on the Almighty God to intervene and save mankind from contracting the deadly virus. He noted that with God all things are possible and mankind must not relent from seeking His Grace.

He underscored that intervention, within the context of the Revival and at all times, is a miracle or act of God that stops something bad from happening, as when God steps in and changes the outcome of any situation.

“We need divine intervention in our physical,financial,marital and spiritual lives,” he enjoined adding that when God intervenes in our lives all the enemies of our sorrows will scatter, there will be restoration, deliverance, healing ,prophesies will begin to come to past, prayer requests will become testimonies  and frustration, stagnation will come to an end.

The dedicated Man of God additional prayed for humanity to have the wisdom to know how to prevent ourselves from contracting the disease and finally how to combat it.

He called on all and sundry to steadfastly pray for the students in China, our nation and the People’s Republic of China at this crucial moment for God’s intervention.

It could be recalled that the 2019-20 coronavirus outbreak started in December 2019 and was identified in the Wuhan capital of Hubei province in China after 41 people were presented with pneumonia of no clear cause. The virus is said to spread between people from the time of exposure to the onset of symptoms generally between 2 and 14 days. The symptoms may include fever, cough and shortness of breath were as the complications may include pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Pastor Bangura further called on us as a nation to turn away from our wicked ways, change our bad attitudes and recognize that we have a Creator to whom we should be faithful. “Everyone is welcome to Zion Praise Tabernacle as our doors are always open to receive anybody. You will never regret doing so as your lives will never be the same again as long as you have faith,” he extended invitation.

The bilateral relationship between China and Sierra Leone has spanned many years and the Chinese have been very supportive to this country’s development trajectory. The two countries share Embassies, there are Sierra Leonean students pursuing various courses in China, others are living there and we have traders who from time to time buy goods in China. Against this backdrop,  it is therefore apt to heed to Pastor Bangura’s call for us all to be seeking God’s intervention in our lives.

The fasting and prayer revival ends today.

Pastor James Bangura


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