NP-SL’s Unveils Massive Fuel Resupply Plan to Counter Scarcity

Arrival of 44,000 Metric Tons of Fuel…

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), Sierra Leone’s leading importer and marketer of petroleum products, has taken decisive steps to address the muted feared impending fuel scarcity gripping the nation. The company has announced the imminent arrival of a massive consignment totaling over 44,000 metric tons of petroleum products by the end of the year, aiming to stabilize the supply for consumers.

The strategic plan involves a diverse range of fuel products, with the first delivery comprising 10,000 metric tons of petrol aboard the MT Taurus vessel, which successfully docked on December 5. Additionally, the MT TBN vessel is scheduled to bring in an additional 14,000 metric tons of petrol on December 17, followed by a substantial shipment of 20,000 metric tons of diesel expected on December 20, facilitated by the same vessel. These shipments are part of a collaborative agreement between NP and its partner, Addax.

This initiative underscores NP’s consistent effort to deliver the largest consignment of fuel in the country, further solidifying its reputation as the foremost petroleum importing and marketing entity in Sierra Leone.

NP’s Chief Executive Officer, Kobi Walker, acknowledged the challenges posed by access to foreign exchange and pricing. However, he reiterated the company’s commitment to maintaining adequate petroleum product stocks in the country. Walker clarified misconceptions about importers, affirming that NP and Leoneoil are the primary importers, while other oil marketing companies rely extensively on NP for support and product procurement.

“We, as a responsible corporate citizen, will persistently work to ensure an abundant supply of petroleum products in all towns, cities and villages throughout Sierra Leone,” stated Walker, emphasizing NP’s dedication to meeting the nation’s fuel needs.

Dr. Williette James, the Communications Manager, highlighted that these product arrivals will guarantee a consistent and sufficient fuel supply throughout and beyond the festive period. She assured that timely deliveries to Filling Stations across the country would prevent shortages, aiming to avert disruptions in daily life.

NP-SL Ltd’s efforts not only address the immediate fuel scarcity but also underline their pivotal role in the country’s energy landscape. The company’s commitment aims to provide uninterrupted fuel supply, benefiting the populace of Sierra Leone.

In a remarkable trajectory spanning years, NP-SL Ltd has emerged as a key contributor to the nation’s progress, significantly aiding job creation and poverty reduction. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, commitment to making use of local talents and contribution to the nation’s revenue base, through tax payments, has been instrumental in their success.

NP’s expansion across borders and its dedication to roll out sound initiatives have not only propelled its domestic success but also positioned it favorably on the international stage. NP-SL’s exemplary service delivery has earned it accolades, including the esteemed title of “Best Company of the Year” at Annual National Business Awards Ceremonies, confirming its commitment to excellence.

As NP-SL Ltd continues on its path of progress and expansion, it remains a beacon of positive change and prosperity, demonstrating unwavering dedication to customer care and cementing its reputation as a pioneering entity in its field.


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