Pavi Fort Concludes Groundbreaking Traffic Light Installation Project

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Pavi Fort Al-Associated SL Ltd, has successfully executed the Traffic Light Project which was funded by the World Bank through the Ministry of Transport and Aviation. The groundbreaking traffic light installation Project was done across seven key intersections in Freetown, spearheaded by the leadership of Alhaji Alimu Barrie, Chairman and CEO of the company. It must be noted that the completion of the project marks a significant stride towards fulfilling President Julius Maada Bio’s ambitious road development agenda, signifying a new phase of progress for the nation’s infrastructure.

The Integrated Resilient Urban Mobility Project (IRUMP), largely funded by the World Bank and partly by the Government of Sierra Leone, secured under President Bio’s administration, has been successfully realized by Pavi Fort.

Completion of the final phase of the Project that deals with road corridors, as per implementation by Pavi Fort, entails the installation and making operational modern traffic lights at strategic junctions, including Regent Road, Lumley Beach Road, Lumley Police Station, Aberdeen Road Junction, Murray Town Junction, Congo Cross, and Ferry Junction.

Strategically positioned, these traffic lights promise to revolutionize traffic management during peak hours while offering law enforcement officials the tools to effectively oversee vehicular, tricycle and bike traffic.

It must be noted that specific aspects, such as designated pedestrian crossings, aim to alleviate congestion and enhance orderliness. However, challenges persist, notably the congestion of motorcycles and tricycles at intersections, underscoring the need for clearly marked pedestrian corridors to encourage the use of designated crossings and footbridges.

Amidst praise for the transformative impact of the modern traffic systems, active involvement of law enforcement is urged to educate and ensure compliance with traffic signals among drivers and pedestrians during this transitional phase.

This initiative’s success reflects positively on both the Government and Pavi Fort, symbolizing progress in Sierra Leone’s infrastructural development. Aligned with broader objectives, it must be reiterated that the project aims for comprehensive corridor improvements encompassing coordinated traffic lights, enhanced pedestrian pathways, and drainage enhancements, all aimed at optimizing traffic management in vital areas.

While challenges were inevitable during the implementation phase, Pavi Fort’s unwavering commitment and effectiveness in rapidly improving road conditions continues to garner approval from the World Bank, the Sierra Leone Government and the public.

Beyond this achievement, Pavi Fort has been instrumental in maintaining and upgrading major roads in Freetown, witnessing substantial enhancements in safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike. The company’s impact extends beyond the capital city to Lungi, Port Loko and Kenema, where it has contributed significantly to road construction and rehabilitation, enhancing safety and accessibility for residents and visitors.

Pavi Fort’s dedication to implementing projects adhering to international standards, emphasizing quality, and ensuring durability positions it as a cornerstone of national development. Its professionalism in road construction, commitment to local content, job creation, tax revenue generation, corporate social responsibility, and overall enhancement of neglected roads mark the company’s crucial role in advancing the nation’s progress.


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