OFP Unveils 1st Edition of Its 2022 Newsletter

By Foday Moriba Conteh

During a snap press conference held on Friday 27th October 2022 at Main Motor Road on Congo Cross in Freetown, the One Family People unveiled the 1st Edition of its 2022 Newsletter. The newsletter is part of the organization’s efforts towards bringing the issues of Persons with Disabilities in the country to the public.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Program Manager of the One Family People, Samuel P.O.V. Macauley said that the launching of the newsletter is in fulfillment of one of their responsibilities as the strategic partner organization of Lilliane Fonds in Sierra Leone (Which is to increase visibility on the Child Empowerment Programme).

He maintained that OFP, as the Strategic Partner Organization of Liliane Foundation in Sierra Leone, is mandated is develop and implement policies, strategies, and Programmes that fit the country’s context and are consistent with the LF global policy and strategic framework and that they are also responsible for coordinating a network of partner organizations that are empowering children and youngsters with disabilities below 25 years of age, who belong to “resource-poor” families to participate in society and ensure their inclusion in the community.

Samuel P.O.V. Macauley pointed out that every year Partner Organizations are required to implement the Child Empowerment Programme, applying the Community Based Inclusive Development Strategy formerly known as Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) (where applicable), with a strong lobby and advocacy approach.

The Program Manager said that One Family People believes that this newsletter will be a cost-effective means for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with their Partners and Beneficiaries as the Newsletter contains important news and updates and other significant information.

“In fact, we believe that this will be crucial in our Lobby and Advocacy efforts going forward,” he said.

“As an organization, we are of the strongest conviction that the support we are providing for the children through our partners have broken barriers and opened doors for them to access basic health and education facilities, improved livelihood and enhanced social inclusion using the inclusive development strategy. As a way of achieving the sustainable development goals 2030, in lieu of that we are hoping that the newsletter will amplify and augment the work they are doing,” he revealed.

The Program Manager noted that One Family People is committed towards creating the enabling environment for an inclusive society where no one is left behind. He concluded by calling on Stakeholders to come onboard and mount sustainable campaign against all forms of stigma and discrimination against Children and Youngsters with Disabilities with the strong belief that together with their partners they are providing the basic needs for beneficiaries, but they are equally of the strongest conviction that it is not enough and they need to do more.

He therefore used the opportunity to call on all to support them and know that there are no small actions and creating a barrier free society begins with you.

Speaking on behalf of the Partner Organizations of One Family People, the Chief Executive Officer of Dorothy Springer Trust, Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya, commended the launch of the 1st Edition of its 2022 Newsletter of the One Family People, adding that over the years the organization has been doing a lot of things towards the development of persons with disabilities.

He said that Dorothy Springer Trust is an organization that is registered both in Sierra Leone and the UK to transform the lives of persons with Disabilities through training, advocacy and employment creation.

Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya said that his organization is one of the partner organizations of One Family People in collaboration with the Liliane Fonds that has been receiving funds to support children with disabilities through its Child Empowerment Programme in the country.

He pointed out that the launch of the Newsletter will help to update the public about the functions of one family People as a key organization that has been at the front line to advocate and lobby for the well-being of disabled people.




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