Opposition Chief Whip Says Creating Political Tension is Counter-Productive to People’s Welfare

The Opposition Chief Whip, Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara, on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, during the Africa Young Voices (AYV)’Good Morning Salone’ with their programme refuted the false information that has been circulating on social media that the opposition party is saddled for what is unfolding in the country.

Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara made it clear that the country had faced worst times, especially during the days of former President Alhaji Tejan Kabba (RIP), maintaining how Johnny Paul became like a thorn in the flesh but that the government was very smart to include the opposition party and at the end of the day they were able to settle down the impasse.

The Member of Parliament also mentioned that when President Koroma was in power he supported the opposition party in all aspects of life to foster peace and development for the common good.

He states that the APC ,as a structured political party, if it wants to demonstrate such would be officially communicated as a party saying the Government is randomly arresting people linked to the 26th November incident and as well linking them to the party.

The Opposition Chief Whip expressed the view that if one commits a crime as a citizen one is supposed to be treated as an individual and not as a political party member.

“Creating tension for our people would not create an enabling environment for their well welfare,” he said pointing out that as political actors there is urgent need for them to engage themselves as that would aid to restore sanity in the country.

He emphasized that politicians should work together as a country because if they do not succeed nobody would say it was the SLPP or APC that failed the country.


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