Orange Money & Partners Launch Motor Insurance Card Payment System

By Millicent Senava Mannah

Orange Money has on 18th January, 2024, in partnership with the Sierra Leone Insurance Association (SLIA), Sierra Leone Insurance Commission (SLICOM), National Civil Registration Authority and others to launch the Motor Insurance Card Payment System. This revolutionary event took place at the company’s Headquarters on Hill Station.

Worthy of note is that the motor insurance card payment system is a digitized means to aid seamless transactions, eliminating the prevailing challenges. It offers an Insurance Cover to motor vehicle, motorcycle, tricycle owners.

The Motor Insurance Card Payment System will enable all vehicle, motorcycle and tricycle owners to now pay for their insurance covers using the Orange Money platform by merely applying and using the code #144*10#.

Chief Executive Officer of Orange Money, David Mansaray, said such is a concrete  step towards achieving financial inclusion and further encouraged all stakeholders including the motor vehicle, motorcycle, tricycle owners to make use of such a big time saving opportunity.

He thanked all their partners and key players for making such possible adding that as a result of this Insurance Cover, people will now sit at their comfort zones of their homes and make their payments for their insurance adding how they can now display their digital insurance stickers in their phones whenever and wherever they go.

The Orange Money Boss furthered that they as a company are committed to make the lives of even the ordinary Sierra Leonean easy and comfortable, and that they will continue to bring in more ground breaking financial inclusion ideas.

The Director General, NCRA, Mohamed Massaquoi, commended Orange money for what he called a ground breaking revolution saying such is one of the key aspirations of President Bio.

Mohamed Massaquoi spoke on the role his institution is playing in providing a unique and secured identification system through the National Identification Number (NIN), which will eliminate all forms of fraud and delays. “By linking insurance with NIN, we are empowering our people to take control of the business,” he said. He encouraged every resident in Sierra Leone to obtain their national ID cards – for both citizens and non-citizens.

He also underscored that the launch of the Insurance Cover is not just for the mobile company and the insurance companies but for the very good of the nation maintaining that it is a catalyst for the economy to grow.

The Commissioner of the Sierra Leone Insurance Commission, Arthur Yaskey, said that they partnered with Orange Money because it is the leading mobile company in the country. He expressed optimism that they looking forward to seeing a positive impact on the side of their customers.

Arthur Yaskey said they feel elated adding that they cannot wait to see how it will transform the way they handle insurance in the country and went on to encourage everyone to look forward to a future of convenience and how the transformation will bring comfort and ease to customers and that it will minimize constraints since they can now do their payment at the comfort of their homes or anywhere.

According to him, the developers have worked effortlessly to ensure that the service is reliable and secured noting that they as regulating body for Insurance Companies in the country are excited about the benefits of the Insurance Cover.

The Managing Director of Aureol Insurance, Raymond Macauley, said on behalf of his colleagues, that this is going to be seamless and also the utmost aim is to minimize constraints.

According to him, mobile money is here with them, and how it is here to stay. He assured them that as insurance companies they are willing to work with insurance providers so that transactions will be seamless.

The highpoint of the ceremony was the official launch and product illustration.


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