Orange Money Card Launched

By Abubakarr Harding

Orange Money, which is a subsidiary of Orange SL, the leading telecommunications company in Sierra Leone, unveiled its latest innovation, the Orange Money Card, during a launch event held at their headquarters in Hill Stations on the 8th June, 2023. The highly anticipated event was attended by customers, members of the general public and representatives from the media.

During the opening remarks, Abibatu Baxter, Head of Strategy, Partnership and Marketing at Orange SL, emphasized that the Orange Money Card is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, including those without Smartphones adding how the move demonstrates Orange SL’s commitment to providing convenient financial solutions for all segments of the population.

The CEO of Orange Money, David S. Mansaray, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Orange Money Card.

He revealed that the card can be used for online shopping and making payments, positioning it as a versatile tool for everyday transactions. He proudly announced that the Orange Money Card is the first of its kind in Sierra Leone and is set to revolutionize the mobile money landscape in the country.

Mansaray further elaborated on the advantages of the Orange Money Card, emphasizing its ability to streamline business operations. The card can be easily swiped to purchase fuel and also provides a safeguard against transaction errors by enabling quick and hassle-free reversals.

Concluding his remarks, he reiterated Orange SL’s commitment to continuous innovation and its dedication to expanding digital financial services throughout Sierra Leone. He encouraged everyone present to embrace the Orange Money Card as a convenient and inclusive payment solution.

Haffie Haffner, the Chief Commercial Officer at Orange SL, shed light on the company’s broader goals of social inclusion, digital inclusion and financial inclusion.

She emphasized that Orange SL is not solely focused on profits but also aims to give back to society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. She praised Orange Money for its pivotal role in driving financial inclusion in Sierra Leone and bridging the gap between individuals and formal banking services.

Commending the entire team for their dedication and hard work, she highlighted their outstanding contributions to the successful launch of the Orange Money Card.

In a symbolic moment, CEO David Mansaray officially launched the Orange Money Card, expressing his gratitude to the team for their unwavering support throughout the innovation process. To showcase the card’s functionality, a live product demonstration was conducted by Naomi Kabia, the Assistant Marketing and Project Manager.

The introduction of the Orange Money Card marks a significant milestone in the financial services sector in Sierra Leone. With its inclusive approach, Orange SL aims to empower individuals, simplify business transactions, and contribute to the nation’s digital transformation. The launch of this innovative product demonstrates Orange SL’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible and user-friendly financial solutions to its valued customers and the wider population.


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