Orange Money Partners with MiKashBoks to Drive Financial Inclusion

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By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a bid to accelerate the drive towards ensuring access to formal financial services for all, Orange Money Sierra Leone has forged a strategic partnership with MiKashBoks, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s financial landscape. The official launch of this groundbreaking collaboration took place on Thursday, 18th April, 2024, at the Orange Office on Hill Station in Freetown.

CEO of Orange Money, David Mansaray, in his statement, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with MiKashBoks, highlighting the concerted efforts that went into seamlessly integrating the service into Orange Money’s offerings. He commended the dedication of the technical teams from both organizations and underscored the positive impact envisaged for Orange Money, MiKashBoks, customers and other partners. The CEO encouraged attendees to seize the opportunities presented by MiKashBoks, envisioning a future where individuals can efficiently manage their finances for various purposes such as Christmas, car purchases, and school fees through this innovative digital platform.

Reflecting on childhood experiences with physical cash boxes, David Mansaray emphasized the transformative benefits of digitizing the savings process. He noted the advantages of transitioning from the informal to the formal financial sector, improving creditworthiness, and accessing a myriad of financial services including loans.

The Orange Money Boss stressed the importance of responsible debt management and urged individuals to leverage financial tools like MiKashBoks for savings, earning interests and facilitating diverse financial transactions.

Introducing MiKashBoks, Kelvin Logan, the Customer Support Lead, shed light on the mobile financial app designed to promote savings and foster financial inclusion in Sierra Leone.

Founded by Simon Levell, MiKashBoks offers features such as the “Osusu Na U Phone” option and “Personal Cashbox” to facilitate saving and lending among individuals and groups. He articulated MiKashBoks’ mission to bridge the gap between informal and formal financial markets, empowering users to build financial profiles and access superior financial products through their savings.

He emphasized that the partnership between MiKashBoks and Orange Money signifies a significant stride towards enhancing financial literacy and inclusion in Sierra Leone. According to him, with over 11,000 customers already leveraging the app, the collaboration is poised to revolutionize access to financial services and empower communities across the country. He expressed gratitude towards Orange Money for the partnership and optimism for the transformative impact MiKashBoks can have on the people of Sierra Leone.

The partnership between Orange Money Sierra Leone and MiKashBoks represents a paradigm shift in the financial landscape of Sierra Leone, promising to democratize access to formal financial services and drive socio-economic empowerment at the grassroots level.

As both entities continue to innovate and collaborate, the future of financial inclusion in Sierra Leone looks increasingly promising, heralding a new era of prosperity and opportunity for all.


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