SL Brewery Supports Sorghum Farmers Nationally with Free Seeds & Pre-Planting Training

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL).jpg

By Amin Kef Sesay

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) is actively engaged in supporting local farmers and promoting robust sorghum harvests through its ongoing initiative of free seed distribution and pre-planting training. The endeavor, geared towards fulfilling SL Brewery Limited’s sorghum needs and enhancing local agricultural output, seeks to empower sorghum farmers across diverse districts.

On Tuesday, 16th April, the Bombali District witnessed the enthusiastic participation of numerous households in the training sessions. These sessions provided invaluable knowledge and skills essential for the forthcoming planting season.

Furthermore, aspiring new farmers keen on joining the Sorghum Farmers Association received complimentary sorghum seed quantities as a jumpstart incentive. SL Brewery Limited has pledged to directly purchase the yields from these farmers, providing a vital source of income.

The initiative is set to extend its reach to other districts throughout the month, with an event that took place on Wednesday, 17th April, in Bo District.

This extensive outreach endeavor aims to offer livelihood opportunities to thousands of households while aligning with the HEINEKEN BaBW Local Sourcing agenda.

Joseph Sesay, the Local Sourcing Coordinator, spearheads the initiative following the successful conclusion of the initial phase of a Sorghum Awareness Campaign spanning several districts just days prior. SLBL’s efforts are complementing the Government’s endeavors to generate employment opportunities for local Sierra Leoneans within the agricultural sector.


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