Press Release

24rd March 2020

Amidst the robust precautionary measures implemented by the Government of Sierra Leone in the prevention of Coronavirus outbreak in Sierra Leone, Orange Sierra Leone stands in solidarity with the Nation during this very difficult time and commits to Support the Government in the fight against this Global Pandemic.

While the Company remains committed to providing quality, efficient and viable telecommunications service to complement the government’s effort and to meet the growing demand of its valued customers in this critical period, Orange also stands responsible to ensure the safety of its valued human resources and customers.

As part of the Company’s commitment in ensuring the safety of its staff and numerous customers, Orange has positioned hand washing and digital temperature readers at all its shops and offices, implemented social distancing protocol in all its shops, drastically reduced the number of people who can access an Orange shop at any time ensuring customers queue in good conditions and at the recommended distance of 1 meter.

Orange is aware that voice and data services are of critical importance during this period. This is why the Company has implemented robust additional measures to ensure quality and undisrupted telecommunications services. All necessary digital tools have been tested and are ready to use in the best working conditions, inspection and testing of all redundancies completed, VPN configured for all critical staff to enable tele-working, extra fuel now available at all network sites and data centers and a lockdown drill done to test the measures further.

Orange Sierra Leone is also supporting local communities through donation of Personal Protective Equipment. In coordination with the ministry of Information and communication, the Company has zero rated the following sites, Ministry of Information and Communication, World health Organization, and the Center for disease and control prevention , to ensure customers get FREE access to accurate and correct information on the precautions against Coronavirus. Further measures will be announced in the coming days.

In this difficult time, it is important to maximize the use of all our communication channels. Orange in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communication, intends to ensure Corona virus prevention sensitization and awareness reaches the last village with the following ongoing actions:

  • The Company’s digital platforms are updated on a daily basis with accurate tips on the prevention of the Virus
  • The dissemination of reminder SMS at least once a day to all our customers to ensure precautionary actions are followed.
  • The development and circulation of short videos in our local languages on the precautionary measures of the disease.
  • The creation of a caller ring back tone in Krio aimed at educating customers about coroner virus as well as sensitizing customers on its preventive measures.
  • Furthermore, the importance of mobile financial services cannot be over emphasized during this period. We encourage cashless transactions via Orange Money for the purchase of voice & data bundles as well as payment of utility bills as it not only guarantees ease of doing business but ensures safety from the transmission of the virus through cash.

We remain committed in providing uninterrupted, high quality telecommunication services during this period and we encourage all to be cautious and to adhere to all government directives and health guidelines for a virus free Sierra Leone.

Together we shall overcome.

Be Safe! Be Alert!

If you notice any symptoms, please call 117.








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