Orange SL Recognized as Environmental Champion by Shout Climate Change Africa

By Abubakarr Harding 

In a significant accolade for Orange Sierra Leone (Orange SL), the CEO and Founder of Shout Climate Change Africa (SCCA), Finnex John Asibor, has lauded the company’s stellar environmental efforts. Asibor affirmed that Orange SL’s exceptional commitment to environmental conservation makes it a deserving recipient of the Environmental Care Award.

During the recently held Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Week, Orange SL showcased a variety of sustainable initiatives, reflecting its strong commitment to combating climate change. The company has made headway with the solarization of 70% of its sites and a remarkable accomplishment of planting 3,000 trees in the Mud Slide community at Mortomeh.

Asibor’s recognition of Orange SL underscores the company’s conscious efforts to minimize its environmental impact. Orange SL is fully committed to environmental protection and preservation, acknowledging the potential implications of its operations on the environment. In line with this, the company is proactively taking sustainable measures to reduce its carbon footprints to contribute to the Orange group’s ambitious target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040.


  1. 🌱 Kudos to Orange Sierra Leone for being recognized as an Environmental Champion by Shout Climate Change Africa! Their commitment to sustainability, evident in the solarization of their sites and tree planting in Mud Slide community, is truly inspiring. It’s great to see companies taking proactive steps towards environmental conservation. Let’s hope more follow their lead! 🌍🌳 #EnvironmentalHero #SustainableFuture


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