Orange SONATEL CEO Affirms Commitment to Social Responsibility & Economic Growth

President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, on September 28, 2023, welcomed Sékou Drame, the Chief Executive Officer of Orange SONATEL Group, in a recent meeting at the State House during which they discussed the company’s operations and its commitment to Sierra Leone’s development.

Drame, representing Orange SONATEL Group, expressed his delight in conducting business within Sierra Leone, highlighting the positive transformations in the country’s business environment. He specifically commended the Government for its efforts in enhancing the ease of doing business and investing in the nation’s people.

He emphasized the company’s commitment to giving back to society, a responsibility they take seriously as a responsible corporate entity.

Taking a moment to acknowledge President Maada Bio’s recent re-election victory, he also conveyed his best wishes on behalf of Orange SONATEL’s Board for a successful second term and lauded the President’s achievements in governance further assuring him of the company’s dedication to supporting government projects and agendas.

Drame also shared Orange SONATEL’s contributions to Sierra Leone since 2016, highlighting their efforts to improve communication technology services in the country.

He announced plans to roll out a high-speed 5G campaign in Sierra Leone, showcasing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, he pledged Orange SONATEL’s support for Government programs in education and healthcare, reaffirming their aim to provide social and financial assistance to Sierra Leoneans.

In response, President Julius Maada Bio expressed his enthusiasm for the visit and described Orange SONATEL Group as a significant player in the private sector, necessitating ongoing engagement with the Government. The President was particularly pleased with the confirmation of the Data Center in Bo City, foreseeing its positive impact on the nation.

President Bio reiterated his Government’s commitment to supporting Orange SONATEL, especially in terms of financial inclusion and creating a welcoming environment for investments. He expressed his gratitude to the company for constructing preschools in various parts of Sierra Leone, underscoring the importance of education as a valuable investment for the nation’s future.

The meeting between President Maada Bio and CEO Sékou Drame not only showcased the positive developments in Sierra Leone’s business landscape but also emphasized the partnership between the government and private sector entities like Orange SONATEL Group. As Sierra Leone continues to advance, such collaborations are expected to play a pivotal role in its growth and development.


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