Parliamentary Committee Exposes Mining Companies’ Non-Compliance Issues

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Mineral Resources, led by Deputy Majority Leader 2, Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina, has shed light on non-compliance issues within certain mining companies operating in the country. During a visit to the Yankasa mining site operated by Commodity Trading Company (CTC) Mining Limited, the Committee learned of alleged hindrances to operations caused by Kingho Mining Company’s monopoly over the Pepel Rail and Ports.

CTC representatives claimed that Kingho’s control over these vital transportation facilities prevented them from exporting a significant quantity of mined bauxite, resulting in economic setbacks. The committee discovered a substantial pile of bauxite at the site, representing millions of dollars in lost production costs and expenses.

Additionally, in Lunsar, stakeholders accused Marampa Mines Limited of mismanagement of the Community Development Fund, specifically the allocation for the Community Development Committee (CDC) and administrative activities. Allegations were also made regarding mining companies in Kono District failing to pay the mandated 1% Community Development Agreement (CDA) to mining communities, potentially violating compliance policies.

The Committee’s oversight activities in Kono District revealed management crises at Seawright Mining Company and highlighted widespread absence of Mining Lease Agreements (MLAs) among mining companies.

To address these issues, the Committee issued several rulings:

Summoning Seawright Mining Company shareholders for a meeting with the Oversight Committee.

Requiring companies to obtain MLA in accordance with Sierra Leonean laws.
Requesting immediate updates on various CDAs from mining companies to support the Government’s Youth Employment Scheme.

Ensuring fairness and transparency in considering stakeholder positions, investor concerns, and state expectations.

Committee Chairman emphasized the Government’s commitment, under President Bio, to enhancing the mining sector and supporting host communities through initiatives such as the 1% profit on sales for CDAs and the 70% Surface Rent payment to landowners mandated by the Mines and Minerals Development Act of 2022.


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