Peace Commission Executive Secretary Completes Women’s Leadership Course in USA

Hawa Sally Samai.jpg

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Executive Secretary of Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion, Hawa Sally Samai, has successfully completed a course on “Women’s Leadership in National Defense” supported by the Office of Security Cooperation – United States of America mission.

The Security Governance Training Team at the Institute of Security Governance (ISG), including Samantha Turner, PMP, Nicholas Tomb, and Cary O’Connell, concluded their inaugural fiscal year iteration of the Women’s Leadership in National Defense (WLND) Course. This intensive two-week program, held at ISG’s Monterey headquarters, California, featured expert instruction from eight facilitators and was attended by participants from 11 countries, comprising both uniformed and civilian personnel involved in national defense.

The course curriculum was meticulously designed using human-centered design principles to enhance the student experience. It also incorporated andragogical best practices and interactive learning techniques to maximize educational outcomes.

Key objectives of the course included:

– Understanding global Women, Peace and Security (WPS) objectives and principles.

– Identifying challenges and opportunities related to integrating women into positions of authority, power and strategic decision-making.

-Recognizing the significance of male mentors and advocates in supporting WPS principles.
Building professional networks with defense and security professionals worldwide.

“We are proud to contribute to best practice sharing and knowledge transfer with our partners and allies,” said a representative from ISG. “We graduated feeling enlightened and prepared for change management with an informed perspective on gender approaches and sensitivities for our work and communities.”

ISG plans to follow up on the graduates’ progress and provide ongoing support as they tackle challenges in their respective fields. Updates on the trainees’ growth and developments will be shared, focusing on Women, Peace and Security, Women’s Leadership in National Defense and the integration of women in the armed forces.


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