Police Charge 125 Drivers to Court for Assorted Traffic Violations

Police Charge 125 Drivers to Court for Assorted Traffic Violations

By Elisha Harding

Assistant Inspector General of Police and Director of Road Safety, Brima Kanneh on the 30th May,2022 intimated at the Central Police Station that 150 drivers have been charged to court for violating various traffic offenses including terminating the journey halfway, driving a vehicle with smooth tyres, defective windscreens, trafficators and headlights respectively and failing to produce a driving license on demand.

He underscored that due to the rainy season, the police would continue to regularly check vehicles to ensure that they are roadworthy disclosing that in-spite of the ban imposed on commercial motorbike riders, they are still plying the Central Business District (CBD) of the city for which violators would be arrested and charged to court reiterating that plying the CBD is a very serious offense for which their motorbikes would be impounded.

He also intimated that most of the arrested drivers were fined between Le800, 000 and Le1 million and that the monies have been paid into the Government Consolidated Revenue Fund and warned commercial motorbike riders not to ply the CBD or would be arrested and charged to court.

ASP Brima Kanneh further commended the National Traffic Coordinator and the various District Traffic Officers (DTOs) like Reuben of ‘D’ Division, Kailie of New England Division, Thorlie of Lumley Division and the DTO of Central Police for exemplary performance and dedication to duty.





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