PPRC Clarifies Press Statements


By Theresa Kef Sesay

In a Press Release by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) dated 3rd September 2020 it was stated that the Commission’s attention has been  drawn to several misinterpretations and distortions of the contents of its Press Statements of the 3rd and 5th April 2020 respectively.

In that regard, the PPRC hereby makes the following clarifications:-That the Commission has not ban Party activities and do not hold such pretensions, that the clear intention of its said Press Statements, is to ADMONISH AND CALL on Political Parties, to pay strict heed to the law and the COVID-19 Regulations, in the conduct of their activities and as a Regulatory Body will continue to stand on that stead.

The PPRC maintained that it is for the leadership of each Party to design their programmes in a manner consistent with the law and the said Regulations.

It also said that it is the exclusive preserve of NaCOVERC and Security Sector Actors to determine whether or not a Public activity is in contravention of the COVID-19 Regulations and/or safety measures.

The Commission went on to state that in addition to their traditional invitees, Political Parties are requested to extend an invitation to NaCOVERC, to any public activity they are undertaking.


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