Premier League Board chairman responds after brawl mix-up

The result-oriented and charismatic Sierra Leone Premier Board (SLPB) Chairman Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai has debunked an allegation of a brawl involving him and match officials on Wednesday 3rg April 2019 at the Siaka Steven Stadium.
Several social media platforms reported that match officials officiating between Ports Authority and Old Edwardians during the break refused to officiate the second half.
Names of match officials are yet to be known but, the reports stated that the Old Edwardians Chairman, who doubles as the Premier League Board Chairman was directly tangled in mix-up confrontations after some mediation the match was allowed to continue.
“New reports making rounds that I was involved in a punch-up with one of the Referees is untrue,” Saffa stated after the news broke out.
“I met a few fans fighting with match officials during the half time at the national stadium. I merely went into it to stop the fight and, separate them. In the process, I was slapped by the Referee’s Assessor.”
“I stopped him from slapping me again and walked away. I don’t fight and, I will never be involved in a fight in a league that I am organizing. Match has resumed,” he explained.
Ports Authority went on to defeat Edwards 2-1 in the ongoing domestic league season.


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