President Xi Jinping Pledges ¥70 Million & 1500 Tonnes of Food Support to Sierra Leone

As 1st SL Investment Forum Inaugurated by Pres.Bio…

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, hosted President Julius Maada Bio of the Republic of Sierra Leone for bilateral discussions in Beijing. During the meeting, President Xi announced substantial aid measures, demonstrating China’s commitment to fostering strong ties with Sierra Leone. His Excellency President Xi Jinping announced ¥50 Million in economic and technical assistance, ¥20 million in debt cancellation, and 1500 tonnes of Food Assistance for Sierra Leone.

During the discussions, President Xi emphasized the historic cooperation between China and Sierra Leone, lauding President Bio’s leadership and the enduring partnership between the two nations. He highlighted the diverse forms of assistance China has provided to Sierra Leone over the years and pledged continued support for President Bio’s development agenda.

President Xi also invited President Bio to attend the forthcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit, underscoring the importance of their countries’ relationship as a model for Africa-China cooperation.

He stated that President Bio is the first African Head of State to be received in 2024 and described the long-standing relationship between Sierra Leone and China as an efficient cooperation.

The Chinese President  highlighted various forms of assistance Sierra Leone had benefitted from China and expressed firm commitment to supporting the President’s “big five priorities.” He commended President Bio’s leadership of the African Union’s C-10 and assured him of China’s support for the African common position on the reform of the Security Council.

In response, President Bio emphasized the longstanding bond between Sierra Leone and China, dating back to 1971, and affirmed Sierra Leone’s commitment to supporting resolutions aimed at promoting global peace and security.

President Bio hailed China as a reliable partner and expressed optimism that his visit would further deepen bilateral relations between the two countries.

He expressed gratitude to President Xi Jinping for the economic and technical assistance, debt cancellation, and food assistance to Sierra Leone. He noted that the relationship between the two nations dated back to 1971 and that the bond had transcended geographical distance.

President Bio thanked President Xi Jinping for China’s support to Sierra Leone during the UN Security Council elections and assured him that Sierra Leone would support resolutions to enhance global peace and security.

“China has been a reliable partner of Sierra Leone. It is my conviction that this visit will deepen the bilateral relationship between Sierra Leone and China,” President Bio stated.

The discussions between the two leaders underscored the enduring friendship and cooperation between China and Sierra Leone, with both sides reaffirming their commitment to advancing mutual interests and strengthening collaboration on regional and international issues of common concern.

Following the talks, President Xi and President Bio witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation agreements in various fields, including the Belt and Road Initiative, agriculture, economic development, and the implementation of the Global Development Initiative.

The fruitful discussions between President Xi Jinping and President Julius Maada Bio set a positive tone for the future of China-Sierra Leone relations, emphasizing cooperation, mutual respect, and shared prosperity.

In another development, on Thursday 29 February 2024  President Dr Julius Maada Bio inaugurated the first-ever Sierra Leone Investment Forum in China, a momentous occasion that attracted hundreds of Chinese investors and multimillion-dollar companies at the prestigious Grand Metro Park Hotel.

Delivering his keynote address, President Bio stated that the event marked a significant moment in the economic partnership between Sierra Leone and China. He emphasized that Sierra Leone is endowed with natural resources, has a young population and a business-friendly environment that offer fertile ground for mutually beneficial partnerships.

President Bio pledged his Government’s commitment to continuing to create a business environment built on the principles of transparency, accountability, inclusive growth, environmental protection, and support for local communities.

He highlighted Sierra Leone’s remarkable improvement in global peace rankings and various initiatives aimed at promoting investment such as the establishment of the National Investment Board, the development of industrial policies and the creation of special economic zones. He also outlined his transformative “big-five game-changers” and the boundless opportunities for partnership that they present.

“Today, I extend an invitation to all investors to join us in our transformative journey. You are not only assured of ministerial support but also my personal support. Your investment will be safe and you will be safer. Let us embark on this journey to write a new story of the Sierra Leone and China relationship,” President Bio stated.


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