Private Sector Stakeholders Hob-Nob with President Bio at State House

Private Sector Stakeholders.jpg

By Theresa Kef Sesay

Stakeholders from different business sectors, including the Petroleum Sector, Transport Union, Kekeh and Okada Riders, Chamber of Commerce, Trader’s Union, Importers and manufacturers, and different Civil society groups advocating on trade, on the 1st April 2022 met with President Bio, as part of a series of Government’s continued interface with big players in the economy, to discuss challenges and opportunities that would boost the socio-economic growth of Sierra Leone.

During the well-attended programme, hosted in the State House Gardens, President Bio spoke about a range of issues but started by thanking the business community for their resilience during these ‘tough times’ as he called it.

“I have listened and heard all the challenges from the business community and Government will act appropriately,” he stated further urging Sierra Leoneans to be patriotic and be brand ambassadors for the country.

Representatives of Oil Marketing Companies commended Government for providing foreign exchange for them to do their business during the fuel crisis and the other forms of support that eased their operations during the global crisis.

A representative of the Trader’s Union,  Vandi Lansana, commended Government’s effort in supporting traders during the COVID-19 pandemic with the ‘Munafa funds’ and the NaCSA ‘Fet Po’ project. This according to Vandi has changed the lives of many traders.

Other representatives of various sectors delivered similar sentiments and pleaded to Government for more assistance.

The interactive session was hailed by many business people in attendance and many asked that Government continues on that path.


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