Pst. Mambu Enjoins Sierra Leoneans to Repent

Pastor Francis A. M. Mambu, National Coordinator of Great Redemption Crusade

By Amin Kef Sesay

On the 1st November 2020, people from various walks of life converged at the center of the country’s capital city to grace the historic prophetic revelation, blowing of trumpets- positioned in the four cardinal points and reversal of evil proclamations, rituals and incantations believed to be spiritually responsible for the country’s development setback.

Several items believed to be dangerous occult and witchcraft instruments were displayed in the presence of curious onlookers and invited guests including Members of Parliament from various political parties, the Mayor of Freetown, Cabinet Ministers, Church and Traditional Leaders as well as ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

The spiritual event, which was led by Pastor Francis A. M. Mambu, National Coordinator of Great Redemption Crusade, was carried out by the Revival Labour Prayer Group alongside the Body of Christ-Sierra Leone, following thirty-one days of intensive national prayer and fasting declared on October 1st and ended on October 31st 2020.

The repentance prayer was done by Pastor Francis A. M. Mambu in collaboration with a Member of Parliament who represented the nation’s politicians, a representative of traditional leaders, a pastor – on behalf of the missionaries in Sierra Leone, twelve (12) virgins and twelve (12) mothers – dressed in white garments “because of the sins of our ancestors and forefathers, against a missionary and virgins killed for ritual purposes” declared Pastor Mambu.

An object believed to be a witchcraft pot – wrapped with the national flag, a live crab, a mirror with a piece of paper bearing Sierra Leone’s initial twelve districts, popular surnames from various tribes, twelve (12) needles, some quantity of sand believed to have been gathered from the initial twelve districts of Sierra Leone, a concoction of what’s believed to be the blood of twelve (12) virgins dipped in twelve (12) cow-sized horns plus what appeared to be a human heart; all were amazingly displayed in the presence of curious onlookers at the Cotton Tree, located in the centre of Freetown.

Pastor Mambu said the occult items believed to be responsible for the stagnation of the nation’s development had been buried since 1977 during a local political fight known as ‘hindo-hindo’ and were periodically renewed with blood – as sacrifice – by past and present political and spiritual leaders, in the country “on which Sierra Leone’s problems hung barely four decades ago.”

“It is a mystery for a nation that is blessed with over forty (40) different kinds of minerals including arable land and favourable weather condition to be tagged ‘underdeveloped’ and its citizens ironically have nothing to show for its wealth”, exclaimed the fearless Man of God who explained how he got instructed by God to do what he referred to as “spiritual cleansing and redemption of the land” after a confinement for two about hundred days – praying and fasting, “and it was while I continued praying that God revealed to me that I should give audience to the occult master who wanted to opt out.”

The historic spiritual event which many Sierra Leoneans described as “Redemption Day for Sierra Leone” went along with deliverance prayers meant to break curses and covenants and undo demonic sieges, burning of the unearth ‘jujus’ and prayers for the minerals of the land etc. It was climaxed by thunderous shouting and singing of a song: “Sierra Leone has been saved! If you believe and I believe, and we together pray, the Holy Spirit has come down and Sierra Leone has been saved…” by all with the hope and belief that God has answered the prayers of Sierra Leone which he instructed in 2Chronicles 7:14!” ‘Redemption day for Sierra Leone.’


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