QNET Dissociates itself from Overseas Migration Fraud


By Amin Kef-Ranger

In reaction to an article that was published by this medium on the 13th July, 2022 captioned, “Alleged Qnet Overseas Travelling Scam Under Investigation by TOCU”, certain documentary evidence-based clarifications were convincingly made, with the primary objective of setting the record straight, in order for members of the public not to be misinformed.

According to the aforementioned article, published in print and online, “the Trans-National Organized Crime Unit (TOCU), which is based at one of the outskirts of Freetown, to be precise Hastings, is currently conducting investigation into a matter of alleged fraud in which it is said QNET International is involved.”

It was further stated that , “the investigation came in the heels of complaints made by some Sierra Leoneans, who are presently stranded at Lungi after they were scammed monies they paid ranging from eight million to thirteen million Leones each on the pretext of taking them to Malaysia to pursue higher education and to do menial jobs.”

The article continued that, “One of the victims by the name of Hawa Sannoh, in explaining her ordeal said one Foday Jayah, convinced them about the authenticity of the program adding how they then travelled to Lungi where they paid the money at the QNET International branch office to a Mr Maadason Vao, in the company of some of his colleagues.

She continued that they were informed that they would be recruited to sell food supplements which, according to her they detested and requested for a refund of their monies a situation that degenerated into a bitter argument and as a result, the workers then invited police personnel to caution them.”

From what this medium reliably learnt, QNET International is not registered in this country. What obtains is that there are various groups in this country that have marketers who are marketing the products and services of QNET International and are not officially known or called QNET. These marketers are rather doing so on the basis of commissions.

Besides, it was clearly established that at no point in time in its existence has QNET International got involved in facilitating the travelling of people from one country to another. To corroborate that assertion, this medium conducted thorough research which revealed that overseas migration or travelling is not part of the business portfolio of QNET International.

However, what this medium understood is the fact that there are certain individuals who are using the name of QNET International to scam unsuspecting individuals and maybe the issue mentioned in the article published could be one of such.

For the sake of the victims mentioned in the previous article, this medium will continue its investigation until those that were involved in the Lungi scam are brought to the book.



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