RSLAF & Ministry of Health Receives Loaned Equipment from US


By Amin Kef Sesay

On May 22, U.S. Ambassador, Maria Brewer, met with the Sierra Leone Deputy Minister of Defense, Colonel (Retired) Muana Brima Massaquoi, to loan vital logistical equipment to the Community Care Center at the Peace Mission Training Center in Hastings.

In support of the ongoing battle against COVID-19 in Sierra Leone, the United States is teaming up with the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) in order to meet the specific needs of Sierra Leone at a critical time. As COVID-19 spreads around the world, one key element to minimizing the spread is providing a safe and secure place for positive COVID-19 patients to isolate from the rest of society.  In a large city like Freetown, it is challenging to find the space to create these types of facilities.

Therefore, in conjunction with the RSLAF and MoHS, the United States is lending Sierra Leone peacekeeping and counterterrorism equipment to construct isolation facilities for mildly symptomatic patients. This equipment includes two water purification units, five support vehicles, four ambulances, one water bowser, two generators and 53 tents with cots and bedding.  Additionally, the nonprofit organization, Spirit of America, has donated $3,500 to assist the RSLAF with logistical support.  Spirit of America supports the safety and success of Americans serving abroad and the local people and partners they seek to help.

These efforts offer a prime example of how U.S. long-term investment in security cooperation and peacekeeping-capacity building can pay significant dividends while making a difference when and where it matters most. Security assistance and capacity-building partnerships enable U.S. allies and partners to take charge and respond quickly and decisively to unforeseen crises, like the COVID-19 global pandemic. This collaborative effort is one of many examples that demonstrate why the United States remains the global security partner of choice.  The United States enjoys a warm partnership with Sierra Leone stating how it will continue to stand together during this challenging time.


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