Saffa Abdulai takes Football to a higher Level

Under the astute and capable leadership of Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, who is the current Chairman of the Premier League Board, football has been elevated to another level after a long period that it was in coma due to wrangling among major stakeholders whose business it was to promote
This dynamic young man has demonstrated the passion, courage and dogged determination to ensure that the game is properly restored and taken to a higher level.
Undoubtedly, the Premier League is going on very smoothly in different parts of the country and there has never been any major incidence of foul play or hitches that might have set it back albeit minor ones which is quite understandable
The premier league is taking place outside of the control of the Sierra Leone Football Association which is presently in turmoil with two of its top executives on trial for corruption and a ban from FIFA.
Saffa has vowed to bring local football back for the fans. The League is getting financial support in the absence of FIFA.
Various matches are broadcast on national TV, radio, and online. “Those who could not be in the stadium, fans in the diaspora are always tuned in online to watch AYV broadcast and stream on its website, mobile app and Facebook,” the PLB Chairman intimated.
The league is a welcome respite from the political issues of the day. As of now the SLPP and APC politicians are supporting the same local teams intermittently taking their attention off politics.

“Indeed what makes football a beautiful game is less about what happens on the pitch but more about the bond it creates amongst people,” Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai mentioned with pride.


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