Sierra Leone Brewery Continues  to Empower Wholesalers & Retailers


By Amin Kef Sesay

In diverse ways, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), according to what this medium learnt, is empowering local business entities  that are transacting its alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

From what was gathered during a sustained fact finding mission, business entities doing wholesale and retail transactions of the company’s products had immensely benefitted and still continue to benefit from offers by SLBL.

Successfully fulfilling certain benchmarks, these local business entities benefit from being supplied freezers, bar tables, chairs, painting of their outlets, calendars, offers of key holders, ash trays and the sundry.

Equipped with such, most of these social points have been transformed to become so attractive and endearing to such an extent that customers keep streaming in.

“This has helped us tremendously as monies that could have been spent to purchase those items were diverted to the expansion of our business and for that we profoundly express our thanks and appreciation to Brewery,” a bar tender at the Lumley Beach profusely expressed gratitude to SLBL furthering that the company is truly a “Kombra”, that is a Kind Mother.

Taking it to another trajectory, SLBL is one outlet that has provided job opportunities for many and here we are talking of formal direct employment as well as informal indirect employment as seen in the work of distributors, hired vehicle drivers, laborers etc. At this very point in time when the country’s economy is going through enormous challenges indeed making it possible for individuals to have food on their tables is a commendable offshoot intervention cum accomplishment for a company that has stand the test of time since its establishment in 1961.

Many hold the company in high respect in that regard. There again comes in the very symbiotic relationship between SLBL and sorghum farmers in this country. In its production chain, SLBL is making use of sorghum which is grown locally. The number of sorghum farmers is increasing exponentially and presently stands at over 25,000. The bond between Brewery and the farmers is watertight with the latter benefitting financially thereby putting them at vantage positions to take care of major responsibilities.

Making proper use of the Local Content Policy has placed the company in a good stead as one that is empowering Sierra Leonean farmers. As a matter of fact the company has been undertaking intermittent tours in the provinces on missions geared towards encouraging people to cultivate sorghum. Through radio talks and face to face engagements the awareness has been spread that sorghum is an important product required by the company.

The company’s rolling out of water and sanitation (WASH) projects in various communities, with particular reference to its area of operation, the Wellington Industrial Estate, has been highly appreciated by the beneficiaries. It is on record to have facilitated the construction of state-of-the –art water wells in communities where residents had hitherto been acutely affected by pure water supply.

Considering the fact that water is life there could be no other better gift to give people other than what saves life. Brewery stands tall in this regard. Such falls under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility amidst others it had done over the years including giving support to schools, providing support to health facilities within the Wellington Industrial Estate and in some other parts.

For the mere and simple fact that the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is helping young local businesses to grow then it is quite justifiable to posit that the company is really in diverse ways empowering local business entrepreneurs and as we are few months away from the festive season we are yet again going to witness more empowerment by the country’s leading brewer. SLBL’s presence will as usual become poignantly conspicuous all over the country as it usually happens to be during such periods.


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