Sierra Leone Chief Minister Hosts British High Commissioner  & DFID Rep


By Amin Kef Sesay

The Chief Minister, Professor David Francis on the 14th October 2019 welcomed the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Mr. Simon Mustard and Kobi Bentley, Head of DIFID Serra Leone, have today 14th October 2019 to State House during a courtesy call the two paid.

Mr. Simon Mustard intimated how the purpose of their visit was to discuss and exchange ideas on how to achieve the objectives of the Office of the Chief Minister and the New Direction Government. He said their role is to work with the Government and the people of Sierra Leone in terms of support for effective Governance. He thanked the Chief Minister for the gesture as he reaffirmed his commitment to the Government and the people of Sierra Leone.

The Head of DIFID Sierra Leone, Kobi Bentley thanked the Government for the proactive and robust moves made in order to transform the economic situation in the country. She said there was every proof that this Government will handle the current economic situation with time furthering how they will give their continuous support to Sierra Leone.

The Honourable Chief Minister in response said his Office is a delivery unit that deals with strategic planning and policy leadership. He said his office is positioned in a way that it supports both the Presidency and different sectoral Ministries. “My role as the Chief Minister is an “ensurer role”, and I am also supervised by the Honourable Vice President,” he stated.

Speaking on the Government’s priorities, he said the President has compressed his thirty two (32) manifesto promises into eight (8) key priority areas ranging from Education, health, Agriculture, Corruption etc .

He stated that the President has a vision of transforming Sierra Leone, to change the narrative about Sierra Leone through human capital development.

The Chief Minister said the Government is currently spending 85%  of its revenue for servicing debt and that,  the Government will continue to work with partners as they move for a better Sierra Leone.



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