Sierra Leone: Gay Engineer Flees For Safety

    Albert Septimus Kallon

    A known gay engineer, Albert Septimus Kallon is reported to have fled for his life and safety to avoid the wrath of members of his community.

    This comes as the 29 year old is reported to have been caught pants down by their housemaid on Wednesday 13th March, 2019 while engaged in same sex with his parents away on church duties.

    The neighbourhood was alerted to the incident when the maid who is said to have been in utter shock, shouted about what she had seen.

    Born to a devout Christian father- Joseph Dauda Kallon, Albert’s sexual orientation has sparked anger from both community and church members who still view homosexuality as an “abominable act” that should have no place in present day Sierra Leone.

    With secret reprisals meted out on those found to be gay on the increase, Albert according to our source immediately fled the house for his safety.

    His father is reported to be under immense pressure from the Church to resign his post as an executive for “subjecting the church to ridicule and scorn.”

    As the whereabouts of Albert still remains unknown, the West African country of Sierra Leone remains one of those in the sub-region yet to legislate on the rights of persons with same sex orientation: causing them to be abused in communities around the country while in some cases face severe attacks.

    Traditional beliefs have ensured that there is no tolerance but hostility towards persons suspected to be practicing same sex. These people live in constant fear and insecurity.

    Many are reported to have fled the country in search of conducive and accommodating countries to ensure their human rights are protected including that of their sexual orientation.



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