Sierra Leone Maritime Administration Boss Wins ACC Admiration for no-nonsense stance against Graft

Ken Philip Sondai

By Babatunde Sesay

The Anti-Corruption Commission, through its Scorpion Squad, on Wednesday 2 October 2019 raided the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA), arrested and detained 4 staffs.

Based on information it received that a cartel of rogues, disguised as staffs that has for years diverted revenue generated on behalf of the SLMA for their own selfish gains the ACC decided to go into operation. While the suspects who had been held by the ACC have been released pending ongoing investigations, a reliable source at the ACC has informed this medium of Francis Ben Kaifala’s admiration for the no-nonsense SLMA Executive Director who continues to lead by example.

Ken Philip Sondai is one of few people under the New Direction who work closely with the ACC to ensure accountability and transparency and has been very supportive in the fight against corruption at the SLMA.The ACC said they were informed by a source at the SLMA, who is very close to the Executive Director, that Mr. Sondai has on a regular basis invited ACC to conduct routine audit and review of the administration’s activities and procedures.

The Commission further stated that it would like to bring to the notice of the general public that articles being shared on social media suggesting a pending investigation into the activities of the result-oriented Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration are untrue. It pointed out that certain unscrupulous APC scribes at the SLMA are believed to have been behind the nasty smear campaigns against Mr. Sondai.

Mr. Ken Philip Sondai assured this medium that he will continue to work hard and in consultations with ACC to deliver results. “His detractors will bow their heads in shame while he excels,” an inside source intimated.


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