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Sierra Leone News: New Constitution for APC – Says NRM

The Deputy Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC) party, Mr. Sidi Yaya Tunis in a reported T.V. interview said that the constitutional review team of the party will soon make public the new APC constitution.

He added that this has been the bane of disagreement amidst protests and condemnation of the National Reform Movement (NRM) within the APC which sees the selection clause adopted by the party in major representations has brought more division within the party then harmony amongst comrades. The secretary revealed that one entry in the former constitution which brought a lot of debate amongst the party’s hierarchy was the selection clause of which the election clause will now be adopted at requires and national elations of their party heads. Meaning, delegates at a national level will now host candidates contesting for various positions with confidence that no directives will come from to above to nullify and change it to selection as usual.

NRM authorities say they are concern with references made by Tunis over the position of chairman EBK in which he gave an example of the dominant role former President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana and former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria in their respective parties.

NRM added that Tunis, by saying ‘if you are a time loyalist of a political party and have no intention of being a supreme leader, you can give up your position by equally going to an election and let others have a say.’

NRM further said that franchise of delegates to have a democratic consideration over votes of their choice is all what they have been longing for. NRM also stated that the Publicity Secretary should know that the NRM would not make an apology to anyone, and mentioned that once their conditions of protests are clearly defined in their pending constitution.


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