Sierra Leone News: Quebec Tourism University Receives Sierra Leone Dele

This trip is not a trade fair that normally runs with distribution and exhibition of tourism promotional materials but rather this time, it has taken a penetrative and smart approach of meeting the industry tactful and ideal professionals to change our story lines with their shared experience and coherent partnerships with a stronger and better but healthy leverage on our side as a nation.

Arriving at the most prestigious Tourism and Hospitality School in Quebec City, Canada ITHQ, the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Memunatu Pratt and her team was given a hospitality touch which assured her and her team that indeed ITHQ was ready for Business and close partnership.

A well conducted tour was undertaken with the recruitment secretary of ITHQ, this tour was to look at the hospitality installation and modern equipment that have stood the test of time and serve high-end personalities from around the world.

From visible evidence one could attest that indeed Sierra Leone needs to step up with the right training and presentation to vim the Tourism and Hospitality sector for a strong positioning in matching with or even out-pass other destination in the sub-region.

The pivot essence of this visit is harness a firsthand practical knowledge on how and where it is done when it’s comes to Tourism School Management, structure, curriculum Development, placement of the right kitchen and culinary modifications when installations are considered for the case of Sierra Leone.

As the educational tour continues, the team realized that truly the trip worth the purpose, from the showcases done by ITHQ Management.

This University has a record of producing highly motivated and qualified students who are meeting the necessary requisite for the tourism sector in Quebec and the surrounding cities. Their students have displayed mastery of their arts in many competitions and have stood out strong.

It is against this background, the Minister and the Global Economic Institute thought it fit and wise to partnership with such University that possesses the technical know-how in what they are specialized to do.

The Minister in correct senses engaged them in what she desired most from this strong University that could be transferred to Sierra Leone with partnership and absolute cooperation to help develop what Sierra Leone has.

Many issues were placed on the table for consideration by both parties but as usual, the Minister always wanted more leverage on her side.

On the menus the Minister placed her orders on these cuisines:
Healthy partnership among the institutions
Exchanges within professionals
Curriculum Development
Fun-Fing for the Tourism School project in Sierra Leone
Technical support and advise

The steps to follow to achieve these, the Director of ITHQ advised that one:

1. The two parties should establish and general  MOU for a better understanding
2. Sierra Leone to extend invitation of interest
3. Invitation to visit for fact finding on the tourism School
4. Fully engaged government on both sides
5. Set a rendezvous with Canada Global Affairs with a straight forward proposal for funding and support in future.


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