Sierra Leone News: Surgeons in Action and Hernia International Doctors undertake free Surgery

On Sunday 16th June, 2019 a team of 10 doctors arrived in Sierra Leone led by Dr. Cesar Ramtrez from Spain to provide free surgical operation to hundreds of Sierra Leoneans. The surgeries are being done under the umbrella of Surgeons in Action and Hernia International and the surgical operation started on the16th of June, 2019 and will run up to the 21st of June 2019, at the Connaught and Police hospitals in Freetown

Speaking to this medium, Dr. Cesar Ramtrez, leader of the host of Doctors, disclosed that this one week surgical operation in the country is geared towards providing free surgical operation and over 300 kg of medicines and surgical materials worth over fifty thousand dollars to hundreds of Sierra Leoneans.

He further added that the host of Doctors namely; Dr. Teresa Butren, Dr. Jose M Moran, Dr. Hermeunda Pardeuas, and Dr. Guadawre Moreno. Three Anaesthetists; Dr. Sandra Casares, Dr. Beatrice Fort, Dr. Salvatore Catania and two nurses; Francis Gomez and Silvestra Barrena, have been to many other countries including Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South American and Asian countries, where they have been providing free surgical operationss. But this is their first time in Sierra Leone.

He note that we have good doctors who are passionate about their career and ready to learn in order to perform the same operation they are doing, if they are empowered in their career they can do great things

He ended by calling on the government of Sierra Leone to empower more doctors, as he said; our country has good potentials doctors’ good operating theatres, considering other hospitals.







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