Sierra Leone Police Launch Manhunt for Osman Koroma Following Makeni City Clashes


By Foday Moriba Conteh

In the aftermath of the violent clashes in Makeni City, Northern Sierra Leone, resulting in the reported death of six young individuals, the Sierra Leone Police have declared Osman Koroma and several others wanted for their alleged involvement in riotous conduct.

The tensions erupted on July 18, 2020, when residents, particularly young people, opposed the forceful removal of a standby generator destined for the Freetown International Airport. Many viewed this act as a political maneuver aimed at depriving Makeni of its essential generator.

Osman Koroma, who is alleged to be a member of the main opposition All People‚Äôs Congress (APC) Party, was reportedly instrumental in mobilizing and coordinating the resistance against the generator’s removal. The incident escalated, leading to clashes between the irate youths and security personnel. Six young people lost their lives, and some officers sustained injuries.

While arrests were made in connection with orchestrating the protest, Osman Koroma reportedly managed to evade police apprehension by leaping through a window during a raid on his location.

Superintendent Brima Kamara, Head of Communication for the Sierra Leone Police, emphasized that they are actively seeking the perpetrators involved in what he described as a “dastardly act of cowardice,” holding them accountable for causing harm to police officers. The police are particularly looking for Sulaiman Tejan Sesay, Saudiatu Kamara, Osman Koroma, Alie Conteh, and others wanted for riotous conduct.

Despite repeated raids on Osman Koroma’s family home, his whereabouts remain unknown as of the time of this press release. The solemn atmosphere still prevailing in Makeni has prompted calls from human rights organizations for an independent inquiry to ensure accountability for the tragic events that unfolded.

SOURCEBy Foday Moriba Conteh
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