Sierra Leone Pushes for Urgent Action on Gaza at UN Security Council

During a session held on February 20, 2024, the United Nations Security Council convened to address the escalating crisis in the Middle East, particularly focusing on the situation in Gaza. H.E. Dr. Michael Imran Kanu, the Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the UN, delivered a compelling plea for urgent action to alleviate the dire humanitarian conditions prevailing in Gaza.

Sierra Leone voiced its firm support for the diplomatic efforts led by Algeria, aimed at brokering a resolution that would secure an immediate ceasefire in the region. Expressing gratitude towards Algeria for its transparent and inclusive mediation process, Sierra Leone underscored the critical need for swift intervention. This urgency was reinforced by the alarming humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, as well as the Secretary-General’s urgent appeal for a ceasefire under Article 99 of the UN Charter.

Despite acknowledging the ongoing diplomatic initiatives, Sierra Leone emphasized the pressing nature of the situation, stressing that any further delay would exacerbate the suffering endured by the Palestinian population. The country applauded the prompt actions taken by the UN General Assembly and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and urged the Security Council to follow suit with decisive and timely measures.

Sierra Leone’s Representative at the Security Council highlighted the persistence of perilous humanitarian conditions in Gaza, coupled with the ongoing hostage crisis, as compelling reasons for immediate Security Council intervention. They advocated for the adoption of a robust resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, the release of hostages, and unimpeded access for humanitarian aid delivery in Gaza.

Sierra Leone cautioned that failure on the part of the Security Council to act decisively would not only extinguish hope but also undermine the very mandate entrusted to it by the international community.


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