Sierra Leone RSA Board Chair Assures Stakeholders in Moyamba & Pujehun


By Mohamed Lamrana Jalloh

The Chairman Board of Directors of The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) Sheikh Mustapha Bawoh at has told Stakeholders in Moyamba, Mattru Jong and Pujehun that the SLRSA cannot succeed without their support.

He made this statement at a Jam packed hall of District Stakeholders in Moyamba, Mattru Jong and Pujehun during the formal commissioning of the Authority’s 3 branch offices in the above mentioned districts.

Mr. Sheikh Bawoh said, the success of the SLRSA hinges on the shoulders of its stakeholders. He said the role of stakeholders both at national, Community and Regional levels should not in anyway be overemphasized.

He admonished them to take full advantage of the opportunity by ensuring that all vehicles; motor bikes,   are licensed and insured. and that riders and drivers must always carry their Driver’s License and respect law enforcement officers.

“This is one of the series of goodies you stand to benefit from the the Management Team if the SLRSA and by extension the president Bio’s New Direction government depending on the support and positive collaboration we get from all stakeholders,” Mr. Bawoh said.

It could be recalled that in about a year ago after his appointment as the Chairman Board of Directors of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority – SLRSA, Mr. Bawoh has not only been providing the necessary support to the Executive Director Panda-Noah but has made it his responsibility to ensure that the Authority succeeds in delivering quality, efficient and sustainable service to the people of this country and thus help change the many negative stories on our roads.




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