Sierra Leone to Commemorate 2nd Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day


By Foday Moriba Conteh – 4th August 2019

The Government of Sierra Leone through the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) in collaboration with its Development Partners is informing the general public that Sierra Leone will be joining other member states and African Governments to commemorate the Second Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Day on 9th August 2019 at the Miatta Conference Hall, Youyi Building, in Freetown.

The commemoration will be done concurrently with the official launch of the five -year CRVS and ID Management Strategic Plan (2019-2024) and the Comprehensive CRVS Country Assessment Report.

The theme for this year’s commemoration is: “Birth Certificates for all: Fundamental for Protecting Human Rights and Promoting Inclusion.”

CRVS Day is commemorated every year to increase public awareness on the importance of making everyone visible in Sierra Leone and the African continent at large through a well-functioning Integrated Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System covering the entire population and all vital events occurring in the country.

As a country, the National Civil Registration Authority is pleased to state that it has put in place appropriate national legal framework, ICT and Digital Identity Management infrastructure and innovative Business Process Improvement to make Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System responsive to international and local demands.

This is done through improving accessibility and quality of civil registration and other related services such as the development and continuous upgrade of a permanent and functional multipurpose civil register on the population of Sierra Leone for sustainable public administration and accountable service delivery.

There will be float parades from the East End of Freetown starting from Up-gun Roundabout and from the West End of Freetown, starting at the Lumley Roundabout. Both float parades will start at 6:30am and end at the Miata Conference Hall, Youyi Building, where the commemoration will take place.




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