Sierra Leone Tunde Macarthy Rehabilitates Kissy Road Cemetery Fence

Dr. Tunde Macarthy

By Mohamed Fadlu Bah – 20 August 2019

On Wednesday 13 August 2019 the Proprietor, Managing Director of Tumac Group of Companies who also is known as a philanthropist, Dr. Mohamed Tunde Macarthy, facilitated the rehabilitation of the collapsed fence of the Kissy Road Cemetery.

Part of the Kissy Road Cemetery fence collapsed due to the heavy downpour on the night of the 23rd July, 2019 that led to homelessness and loss of properties of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and fences were washed away by the floods within that part of Freetown.

Dr. Tunde Macarthy was in the United States of America and upon him receiving information of the collapsed fence he hastily returned and started the rehabilitation of the said fence which has now been completed.

In an interview with Dr. Tunde Macarthy he disclosed that the rehabilitation is part of his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and self -funding community project activities which he has always been performing and that the rehabilitation cost him 25 million Leones.

According to him the rehabilitation of the fence is just a continuation of the charity work he has been doing all over Freetown, adding that he has rehabilitated and done construction work on other cemeteries like the Kissy Mess Mess Cemetery, Palmer Street Cemetery, Aberdeen Cemetery etc. in order to respect the dead. He continued  by saying that he is also engaged in promoting youth activities; helping the poor and needy and other social activities, such as assisting schools and community-based organizations in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Tunde Macarthy who is the owner of Tumac Radio, Tumac Security Agency, Tumac Real Estate and Construction Company, Tumac Film Production, Tumac Water, Tumac Pharmaceuticals etc. said developing Sierra Leone is his dream and that he has always been offering such humanitarian gestures since he returned to Sierra Leone and that his contribution to national development is in line with building the social and economic infrastructure of the country.


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