SLACfest 2019 to Hit UK this Month

Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival

By Thaimu Thullah

This medium was intimated that the annual Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival is back, presenting cultural exhibitions from the West African nation of Sierra Leone at Deptford Lounge, Lewisham on October 26, 2019.

The charity festival was created in response to the mudslide that occurred in Freetown on August 14, 2017.

A group of young British Sierra Leoneans put together the festival and raise money for the grassroots charity organisation, Mama-Pikin Foundation.

Now in its third edition, SLACfest 2019 aims to inspire second and third generation Sierra Leoneans that they can pursue careers in the arts.

This year’s event will feature speakers from the community who are trying to change the perception and narrative of the country.

There will be photo and illustration exhibitions and some pictures will come to life with augmented reality software.

The day will consist of a taster session, talks and presentations, film screenings and a health and well-being workshop.

This year, a literary wall will showcase proverbs, parables, poems and other literature by Sierra Leoneans from around the world, in English and the lingua franca, Krio, with language lessons available.

Sierra Leone-influenced food can be purchased from specially-selected food vendors.

The later part of the day will see conversations with fellow young Sierra Leoneans who will learn about their experiences growing up in the diaspora.

The show will close with live entertainment from a selection of writers, poets, and musicians.



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