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SLBL Calls For Zero Tolerance For Underage Drinking

In a bold stance against underage drinking, Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd. made a resounding declaration at the Orientation Ceremony of the 5th National Spelling Bee 2024, in partnership with the Spelling Bee Foundation. Foday Daboh, the Corporate Affairs Manager, delivered a compelling Keynote Address under the theme “Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking: Let’s Keep Alcohol out of the Hands of Minors.”

Addressing both students and parents, Daboh emphasized the critical importance of abstaining from alcohol until reaching the legal age of 18 and above. He highlighted the significance of making responsible choices and introduced Maltina, SL Brewery’s non-alcoholic beverage, as an excellent alternative. Maltina, fortified with essential vitamins, will be integrated into the prize pool across all categories of the spelling bee.

The competition, which kicked off last weekend, will progress through its initial stages, leading up to a grand finale slated for June. Participants received thorough guidelines and regulations during the orientation to ensure the smooth running of this 5th edition of the National Spelling Bee.

SL Brewery Ltd. calls on everyone to rally behind this impactful initiative. Through collaborative efforts, SLBL aims to foster a secure, healthy, and accountable environment for young individuals.

Stay tuned for more updates on the National Spelling Bee 2024. Together, SL Brewery Ltd. believes that positive change is within reach!

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