SLPP Strongman ‘BARANTA’ Issues Stern Warning to Opponents

Ambassador Foday Sheikh Sillah.jpg

By Foday Moriba Conteh

News reaching The Calabash Newspaper revealed that according a recent broadcast on Monday, June 26th, 2023 Ambassador Foday Sheikh Sillah, a prominent figure within the SLPP and known as ‘BARANTA’, delivered a strong message to opposition supporters in his constituency.

Described as a ‘no-nonsense man,’ Ambassador Sillah cautioned against any interference with SLPP supporters, labelling such actions as foolish and potentially dangerous.

According to reports, Ambassador Sillah warned individuals who are harassing SLPP campaigners to cease their activities immediately.

He claimed to possess a list of those engaging in violent confrontations with SLPP supporters and cautioned them against continuing their actions.

He suggested that they either vacate their homes voluntarily until after the elections or face unspecified consequences.

Witnesses and sources have confirmed to this medium that Ambassador Sillah’s significant influence over supporters and youths in his constituency, noting their ability to intimidate opponents and detractors covertly.

Despite multiple attempts by this medium to contact Ambassador Sillah for an interview over the past months prove futile.

As of press time, he has yet to respond to the allegations against him.


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