The Public Eye Column Govt. Urged to Dissolve Conflicting MDAs to Alleviate Economic Crisis and Save Funds

Columnist, Foday Moriba Conteh

As Sierra Leone grapples with an unprecedented economic crisis stemming from an overburdened wage bill, a growing call is being heard across the nation urging the Government to take bold measures to rescue the struggling economy. At the heart of this solution lies the need to dissolve conflicting Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that have been contributing to the financial strain.

The escalating wage bill, exacerbated by the creation of new MDAs, has resulted in a dire need for fiscal responsibility and financial prudence. Government’s decision to remove subsidies from fuel has left citizens grappling with increased living costs and hardships. This has sparked widespread concern and prompted many to call on the Government to explore alternative strategies for fiscal relief.


Among the proposed solutions, a resounding call from citizens who spoke to “The Public Eye Column” has emerged to dissolve several conflicting MDAs in order to not only streamline Government’s operations but also save crucial funds that can be redirected towards addressing pressing issues, including reserving fuel subsidies.

According to these citizens the move is seen as a critical step towards ensuring efficient utilization of resources and achieving a balanced budget.

Concerned citizens have pointed out specific instances where overlapping mandates have led to inefficiency and duplication of efforts. For instance, there are suggestions to dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and empower the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to avoid duplication and streamline environmental efforts.

Similarly, the proposal includes dissolving the National Council for Civic Education and Democracy and empowering the Ministry of Information and Civic Education and the National Commission for Democracy, all of which share a similar mandate.

The Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation is another candidate for dissolution, with the recommendation to empower the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Technology, ensuring a more focused and coordinated approach in these domains.

Moreover, the Presidential Initiative for Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security was highlighted for dissolution, in favor of empowering the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. This strategic realignment is seen as a way to optimize resources and better address the intertwined challenges facing these sectors.

Additionally, the Government has been called upon to dissolve the Ministry of Western Region and redirect support towards bolstering the Freetown City Council, an action that could potentially have a positive impact on urban development and governance.

As the public’s outcry for fiscal responsibility intensifies, the Government faces mounting pressure to take decisive action. Dissolving conflicting MDAs is being championed as a critical step towards alleviating the economic crisis and making room for essential priorities. If undertaken, this move could not only contribute to financial stability but also demonstrate the Government’s commitment to prudent governance and the well-being of its citizens.


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